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Hello! I am Shannon, a single mother to the sweetest and most wonderful 13 year old boy.  I grew up in and we currently reside in the northern suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota. 

By day I work full time as a Certified Medical Assistant in a Dermatology clinic.  By nights and weekends I am a self-taught artist and photographer who is bound to craft of photography by feel... I’m super deeply and emotionally connected to each photo I take.  This art is my passion and my creative outlet.  I’m also a huge advocate of self-portraits ;) You can check out my self-portraits HERE.

A few tid-bits about me outside of my passion for photography:

  1. I love to read and have an obsession with super hero movies!!  My son and I go see all the super hero movies the day they come out!  I find them super exciting and the men in them aren’t bad either ;)
  2. I will read any way I can whether it be an actual book or by listening to audio books.  My current read is "The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting" by Brene Brown... and once I am done with that I will either move onto another Brene Brown book, or a dystopian future type book (just finished “The Testing” series), or a good crime novel ;)  I’ve been known to read a few books at a time and have read 16 books in the last 3-4 months!

Most people close to me would tell you that I am the most optimistic and positive person.  I like to think I am since that is what I strive for, but like anyone, I have my own struggles ;)

To me, living a positive and happy life is being kind, compassionate, and gentle with myself. It is going about with a smile on my face. It is paying compliments to everyone I meet.  It is focusing on laughter, celebration, and the depths of life.  Living this kind of life is beautiful … a deeper kind of beauty. One that makes you feel excited about being alive, one that allows you to be inspired and be inspirational. One that shows our connectedness to other human beings. I believe we have this deeper kind of beauty in us all :)


Published in Bella Grace Magazine, Issue 11

My image IS THE COVER and I have a personal feature inside the issue!! :)

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Bella Grace Magazine - Look Inside

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Shannon Kathleen Photography in Dear Photographer magazine

Published in Dear Photographer Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 1

Shanon Kathleen Photography published in Make It MN

Published in Make it Minnesota Magazine, Wild Issue / June 2017

Cover of Make it Minnesota Magazine

Published on the cover of Make it Minnesota Magazine, Discovery Issue / August 2017


I also really enjoy photographing nature!

I am Nurtured by Nature. Nature feeds my soul. I want to share with others how I see the world :)

To see my nature photography and purchase prints visit: http://shannonkathleenphotography.pixieset.com/fineartprintsforsale/

Shannon Kathleen Photography | Cavan Artist

I am also a Stock Photography Artist with Cavan Images!!

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