The Jones Family

Keeping up with Jones'

I love, really REALLY love, being invited into someone's home to capture the day to day moments ... the real to life moments.

When you schedule a session with me, 90% of your session will be unposed.  Capturing moments as they happened without orchestrating them provides a raw, realistic, and factual story of you. 

There’s nothing I love more than watching people interact, seeing the love and raw emotions, anticipating moments, and being able to freeze them forever.  Experiences we most often disregard and label as "just another day" are actually the defining moments of our relationships.   The once sharp details in our memory will get fuzzy over the years. The most profound moments are so often left to slip away from our thoughts.  As a photographer, I enjoy to try and capture those profound moments, to pour reality into a photo session.  My goal is to create beautiful photos for you filled with treasures of loved ones that ooze with emotions; that are candid and so real that you can hear the laughter of your loved one, feel the loving warmth of your husband's smile, that radiates your true family unit and personalities... I want to capture your truth.

Meet the Jones family :) They live in Minneapolis and became a family of 4 this past September when their son was born. Howie was their first (fur) baby ;) 

I decided to free-lens this session. What does that mean?  It means that I detached my lens from my camera body and held it up to it tilting the lens ever so slightly to one side ... whether it be from left, right, top, or bottom.  Doing so creates a blur effect to one side of the photo putting the focus on a specific part of the image. I personally feel that this adds more texture to a photograph and therefor adds more emotion ... adds a little more to draw you in to look closely at it.

A little more on these in-home sessions: they are effortless for YOU!!! You are in your own home and in your own environment ... for me I am always more comfortable in my own element ... I'd imagine this is true for many others out there ;) 

Call me to schedule yours!! Documenting life, this is how we relive those memories with more than just our imagination.  I’m a sucker for a great moment. I’m pretty good at living in the present, but I constantly find myself wrapped up in my favorite nostalgic moments of the past... not entire days, or weeks, but those split seconds that make you smile from the inside out.  I love anything real, raw, and unfiltered --- Don't you??!!?! :)