The Sarner Family

Documenting Family Love

I was really excited about this session when I scheduled it. It was completely planned around my true passion for Documentary Photography. From the moment the time was all set up and I spoke to mom on the phone to talk her through what to expect, I could not wait until the day!! Mom wanted this to take place at the house where she herself grew up; it holds a special place in her heart and she wants her daughter to remember it as well.

This here is a documentary of an adorable little 2 year old girl named Lilly. Mom and Dad wanted captured moments of her now that she is 2 as well as how she is at this moment in time interacting with her Mom, Dad, Nana, and Papa.  Mom was wanting to capture her personality and how they all interact and love as a family.  She was hoping to take away from the session their love and playfulness together.  They have a new baby on the way too and wanted Lilly to have these photos to look back on to see how things were when it was just her and Mom and Dad :)

Lilly's favorite thing to do these days is "hide," she loves to play hide and seek as well as hiding under blankets.  She also loves bubbles. Mom and Dad wanted these specific special moments frozen in time to look back on.

What a sweet little thing Lilly was this day :) She had been ill leading up to the session so she was pretty tuckered out by the end of you will see in the last few photos. 

I really enjoyed this family and I am ever so grateful I was witness to such loving moments :)