Photo Contest Results

Shoot and Share Contest Results

In January I entered a HUGE (and free) photo contest for the 1st time.  This contest is called Shoot and Share and it consumed my life for the entire month of February ;)

There were 332,768 entries total entered into 25 categories and over 100 different countries participated.  This contest went 12 rounds.

Since this contest was free to enter I thought "What the heck! Why not!"  So I entered the maximum amount of photos which was 50.  I am happy to report that I did quite well!! I did not expect to do as well as I did so I am pleased and wanted to share my excitement and results with you all :) Can I get a whoop whoop?!!?!!

Out of the 50 images I entered :

  • #1 made it to the Top 100 (which placed 66/23,969 in the Children:Kids/Teens Category)
  • #1 made it as a Finalist (which placed 402/35,527 in The Wedding Couple Category--that's the top 3.5%!!)
  • #14 made it to the top 10%
  • #7 in the Top 20%
  • And #6 in the Top 30%

And even though this consumed me and my time ... I am excited to enter again next year!

Some of you clients of mine may recognize some of these images!! :)  I appreciate every single one of my clients to the moon and back :)  Thank you to all of you for having me as your photographer!