Photographing Another Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure and honor of photographing another photographer and her beautiful family. She too, is a Documentary Style Photographer, and she originally found me through a private community on Facebook that we both belong to. This group/community was created by the owner of Fearless and Framed. We ended up working it out to exchange services, and she photographed myself and my son on a stunning fall day!!

I'd be lying if I said was wasn't nervous to take her family photos!! There is an unnerving and different kind of pressure to achieve excellent results when you are photographing someone who's work you so adamantly admire! :)

For this Documentary session the family chose to have a bonfire in their yard to represent who they are as a family unit.  Briar is the name of the photographer (and subject). She has a wonderful and supportive husband and they have 3 amazing little boys who are soooo full of personality.  Briar not only wanted to document them all as a family, but to get in the frame herself. By doing this, getting in the frame, she is gifting her boys with wonderful and tangible memories to look back on :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this session and was actually quite sad to leave when it was over!! Enjoy!

Shannon KathleenComment