Quinn | Senior 2017

This beautiful young lady is the cousin of a young woman who I photographed last year before she was a 2016 high school graduate ☺️ I love referrals!! 

When it came time to decide on a location, I was thrilled when Quinn said she wanted her session to take place in the city! 

I suggested Lowertown St Paul, MN.  I love this location because the options are limitless... we could walk around and discover so many amazing little spots!  Quinn was amazing and adventurous and was up for anything! While waiting for them to arrive I discovered the most amazing spot with graffiti on the walls ... only catch was that it was fenced off ... but that did not keep us out!! Ha! There was an area where the fence was worn down a bit, so we climbed over it!!

It was mid/end of July and we knew in advance there was a thunderstorm on its way as we were watching the weather very closely up to minutes before her session was to start.  The 1st half went well with no rain. After an hour or so it began to DOWNPOUR!! I mean HEAVY sheets of rain!! We were able to seek shelter at a bus depot and took full advantage of our surroundings while we were basically stuck at this depot until the rain would let up.  I had to think quick and fast!  It was actually really fun!! Quinn's mom and aunt took shelter near a local bridge underpass and waited there until we met up with them once the rain became lighter.

This ambitious young lady will definitely succeed in life and I'm happy to have had the honor to meet her ☺️

Session/Testimonial from Quinn and her Mom, Jill:

"Favorite part - location, location, location. Loved the spot for the pictures that you found! Was better than anticipated!
Despite the the torrential rain storm, which made for an interesting photo session, Shannon was creative and kept the shoot moving along!  We had such a great time with Shannon! She was so friendly, patient, and creative! We really enjoyed working with her for Quinn's senior photos, and the photos she took turned out so great. The experience was fabulous from start to finish!"
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