fine art . passion . elegance . creativity

Creatively captured images of your meaningful day to have and to hold forever more


Location of your choice -- Outdoors only

All final images delivered via an online gallery through PASS - here you can view, share, have unlimited downloads, and order prints.

You will receive one complimentary custom 8x11 album from your session (extras may be purchased for a fee; contact me for info).  I want all of my clients to take away something tangible from their session.  Leave the design to me!  I will design and deliver a beautiful custom album that will last for generations.

I chose the word "Boutique" because I am like a small and fine atelier that gives attention to the smallest detail.  Lovely things is my favorite thing and I love lovely events :)


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  • Invite TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHT, TEN, TWELVE, FOURTEEN (give or take a few) witnesses

  • Find a priest, minister, judge, or ask friend to officiate for you!

  • Write your own vows

  • Find the most perfect and beautiful spot or backyard (Ask me for my opinion!)

  • Get yourself the most fantastic dress/outfit and splurge on all the little details that make you and your day feel special

  • Don't let money fuel the decision: The price tag shouldn't prohibit you from having a ceremony you'll love - A wedding can be done potluck-style in a grove of trees with flowers picked from friends' gardens!

  • Don't forget your something borrowed and something blue!

  • Hire a photographer (Me!): Just because tons of people (or any at all) aren't attending isn't a reason not to take photos. Spend the money to document your vows

  • Splurge on what is important in the end... all the little details and some amazing captured images of your meaningful day to have and to hold forever more :)

  • Better yet, make the whole thing a surprise elopement for your guests!! Once everyone arrives you tell them they are there to witness your elopement!! How fun would THAT be??!! :)

It's not uncommon for weddings to take on a life of their own, morphing into something bigger, more stressful, and more expensive than you ever imagined, or particularly wanted! Not to mention the endless (well meaning) advice, expectations, and pressure from friends and family.

With a Boutique Wedding Elopement you still have all the things that make up a magnificent day without all the fuss and pressure leading up to the day! :) No venues to scope out, no guest lists to draft, and maybe best of all, no exorbitant checks to write!

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that tell the story of two individuals coming together to form one family.  My job is to be the narrator of that story - to preserve it for you and future generations to look back on and understand what life, love, and happiness meant to you.

=$950 For 2-3 hours [Extra if location outside the Twin Cities]

I want to be your creative and passionate photographer for your intimate and heartfelt ceremony!