Hello! I am a single mother to the sweetest and most wonderful 16 1/2 year old boy who's life goal is to become a professional golfer.

I have just married the man of my dreams at the end of June 2021!! I grew up in the northern suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota. 

As of the end of July 2021 I  have officially retired as a  full time as a Certified Medical Assistant.  I  plan to pursue my passion as a self-taught artist and photographer who is bound to the craft of photography by feel... I am super deeply and emotionally connected to each photo I take. This art is my passion and my creative outlet; in front of camera as much as behind it.

shannon: photographer

I want to get to know you, feel connected to you and capture WHO you are with no manufactured smiles or moments. We come up with an activity to do or a new place to explore and create new memories to freeze in time forever. 

My goal is to create beautiful photos for you filled with treasures of loved ones that ooze with emotions; that are candid and so real that you can hear the laughter of your loved one, feel the loving warmth of your husband's smile...

MY Philosophy

| Cold weather and snow, give me the desert any day
| Chocolate, I know I'm in the minority here
| Set schedules, I'm a free spirit through and through
| Shopping in a store, online shopping for the win
| Listening to other people eat, it makes me angry LOL
| Being late; If I'm on time, I'm late. I'm always early


| Strolls in the mountains, feeling the sun on my back
| Dresses that are flowy and white or shorts and flip flops
| Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey after a long day
| Yoga, Pilates, or Barre on my Mirror Workout to boost my mood
| Watering my plants at home and listening to Jose Gonzales
| Reading. Give me all the self help and serial killer crime books