Your Self: A Meaningful Guide to Self-Portraits

Black and White Self Portrait
Black and White Self Portrait

Your Self: A Meaningful Guide to Self-Portraits


What You Get.

(1) A 22 page PDF that includes: My Why, The How with real working tips and advice, 4 complete image breakdowns showing SOOC/Final and giving you an understanding of my thought process--how I created them as well as my philosophy behind each, my gear and editing, the images and breakdown of them on how I edited each self-portrait session from the videos, and finally a list of suggested inspiration to help you create your own!

(2) A bundle of 5 videos: 3 editing videos of me going through and editing 2 different Self-Portrait sessions while talking you through my process.  2 videos of pull back images with me talking you through the philosophy behind my choices, the location, mood, and lighting.

(3) A private and friendly Facebook Group comes along with your purchase as well!! A place to support each other and somewhere for inspiration.  This will be a safe haven to post your creations and tell me and everyone what you’re learning about yourself along the way and how taking your images makes you feel.

(5) In this group you can also ask me questions!  I want to be there for you all!

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Your Self: A Meaningful Guide To Self-Portraits

I have adjusted my price because I don't want this to be about the money, I want this to be about you.  I want you to feel inspired.  I want you to be able to start this journey if that is what you want to do.

Nervous about getting in front of the camera, but curious??  Pulling others out of their shell is what I'm passionate about... you see, I was THE shyest person in the entire world up until the age of 14 or 15.  I was soooo uncomfortable in my own skin. I hated it. I talked myself out of it and decided to do everything that made me uncomfortable, to tear out of my shell.  I want to inspire others to tear out of theirs ❤❤

The Self-Portrait Experience: a way to explore yourself in every possible situation, to stimulate the creative process, to improve self-knowledge and self-esteem, thus empowering yourself.
With this eBook I want to remind you of your real value as the creative soul that you are :)

What Others Are Saying:

To anyone that’s on the fence on whether to purchase Shannon’s eBook...please do yourself a favor and just do it! Shannon’s work has inspired me so much over the course of the last couple years. I won’t lie...self-portraits for me is uncomfortable and awkward, and out of my comfort zone. But I think leaning into things that are uncomfortable, awkward, and out of our comfort zones is where some of our greatest growth comes from. Self-portraits are still all of those things for me, but more than that...they have become therapeutic. It’s caused me to see myself in a new light, caused me to be vulnerable, and has allowed for a more authentic version of myself to come through.
— Maranda
Anyone who knows me, knows I’m horrible at self-portraits. Shannon’s work is incredible and as soon as I learned she had written an e-book on all things Self-Portraits —- I scooped it up!!!! It is so insightful... from setups/pullbacks, tips & tricks and editing. Shannon’s e-book has really helped me trust myself in that I CAN DO THIS!!!
OK... now I’m heading out to take some self-portraits, and YOU should check out Shannon’s e-book!!!
Wish me luck!
— Sherida
I created some self-portraits for my husband and for a man or not, I needed it. It was fun, fulfilling, and just all around amazing!
— Courtney
Getting myself in the frame once a week has made it so much easier to do. At first I would take a bunch to get the right one, maybe a couple would turn out that I liked. But the more I take, the more each week I like and that means more to choose from! I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone once to go out of my house, out in public, at a fairly busy park! But I did it and survived! It’s been really good for me!! :)
— Julie
Want to know how to take gorgeous self portraits and feel more comfortable in front of the camera? Shannon’s ebook is a must! It’s packed full of tips!
— MIchelle
I’m so inspired! Can’t wait to get some time for more self portraits. I LOVED your book Shannon.
— Fleur
Regarding our perceived imperfections: It is getting easier. It’s totally therapy. It has been a long time since I was deeply connected to myself and it feels great getting it back :)
— Sherida
I’m loving your ebook!!
— Kathy
Shannon, I was so inspired by your eBook I didn’t even finish reading before I started shooting!!
— Dawn