A Life Change into the World of Homeschooling

September 18th marked Camden’s 1st day of the 7th grade … Home school style 📚 ❤️ When asked what he thought of his 1st day he said, “It was awesome!”
A few months ago we decided to embark in to the world of homeschooling. There are many reasons, but most importantly it is to help this bright and amazing little man to continue to thrive and become the best all around, well rounded human being he could possibly be.

My parents and I are Camden’s teachers. We started by introducing 2 subjects to start with… his picks: American History and Math.  The first 2 weeks have been going so great thus far!! And most importantly, he’s loving it 🙂 

Camden is also getting some Physical Education by playing golf and football, playing catch with my dad, and going on walks with my mom 🙂  I mean, come on!! What better way to get some physical activity than with your grandparents!!??!!

Last Friday he and I started his 1st Art Class!  He wanted to start with photography (god bless his soul!). He was so eager to learn and I loved every single millisecond of it.  In this first lesson and going forward I am simply teaching him in Manual Mode and how to shoot from the heart… to shoot what is beautiful to him.  He is learning how to adjust his Shutter Speed and Aperture to adjust his lighting and depth of field.

Below find the images that this precious little man of mine took on Day 1:

The above 3 images he was working on photographing from a few different angles to get slightly different looks.

And below are the rest he took all on his own too!  He had such a blast putting his legos into different areas to capture as well as finding beauty in the nature around him 🙂

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