Shannon Kathleen Photography
Shannon Kathleen Photography
Shannon Kathleen Photography is a Twin Cities based outdoor creative photography business specializing in Seniors, Couples, Professional Branding Portraits, Homeschool Fine Art Portraits, and Boudoir


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I am going to be straight up with you... I don't want to be hired to just take a picture, I feel like anyone could do that!  Over time I've gained experience in turning life's simplest details into beauty.  I believe even the ordinary can be an adventure.

Just because something is ordinary doesn't mean it isn't magic! :)


I've been published in Bella Grace Magazine. My site contains affiliate links for its publisher Stampington & Company. Thank you Bella Grace for partnering with me!

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  • How do I pay you?

  1. I accept cash or a check paid to Shannon O'Malley.

  2. I do require a non-refundable $100 retainer fee paid through PayPal and then to be paid the balance the day of our session.  

  3. You can pay this retainer fee through my Online Booking process. There is a choice to make a full payment or just the $100 retainer fee. You can find my Online Booking HERE. 

  4. For Homeschool Portraits, please see the "Homeschool Portraits" tab.

Thank you!


  • How many images will I receive and when will I get my images? Will they be edited?

Images are edited at my, the photographer’s, discretion and delivered digital prints may not include all images shot.  I, the photographer and the artist, reserve the creative rights to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within my artistic standards.

Most clients receive anywhere from 30-70+ edited images from their session ***excluding the 30 min session this session will be anywhere from 7-15 images***. Although, sometimes there may be a few more or less depending on the circumstances. 

Regular session turnaround is about 3-4 weeks. 

Go to Investments for more info!


  • What days can I book a session? What is your schedule?

I am booking only on the weekends. I reserve my weekdays for my day job and for time spent with my son :)

**I reserve the right to reschedule sessions due to unfavorable weather conditions, illness, or emergencies**

What is my availability? Book your photography session with my online booking HERE.  For ease the retainer fee and/or full amount can be payed via PayPal through this online booking as well.

  • Do you have your own studio?

I do not work out of a studio. I am inspired by and shoot primarily outdoors or within clients homes that provide wonderful natural light. If a studio is requested there will be some additional fees. Just inquire! :)

  • Copyrights:  What rights will I have and will you as the photographer have over the photographs?

I, the photographer and artist, retain the copyright for the photographs but also grant non-exclusive use of them to the client.
As the photographer I am the owner of the photos I take but I also give rights to you, my clients, to use them for your personal use. You may not use them for professional uses such as contests.
If you put them on social media sites, I request you "tag" me/my business page (Shannon Kathleen Photography).
I feel you have the right to the photographs that you paid for as part of my fee and because they are your pictures.    
As part of our agreement, you also give me permission to use any photos on my social media sites {Facebook and Instagram} as well as here on my website.

***If there are any reasons you would not want any specific or any photos at all used on social media sites, I would ask that you inform me of this in advance***

Click Here for my Session Contract & Model Release form.


  • What should I wear?

This is easy… Wear solid colors, stay away from shirts with print, stripes or plaid unless the patterns are small. Wearing sleeves always looks better than going sleeveless. If you are going with the casual jeans look, you can kick off your shoes in some of your pictures. Try to keep the family in coordinating colors.

The most important things when planning your ensemble is to keep movement and color in mind. Women photograph best in feminine styles with lots of fluidity, layers and accessories. No one should be “matching” but allow your personality to shine through. Accessories, statement pieces, soft patterns, beautiful neutrals, subtle pops are all lovely ways to personalize your color scheme.

Examples of good color combinations are listed below, but do not mix and match these categories within one family.  Pinterest offers great suggestions as well.

1.) Neutrals with pops of red (or pops of another vibrant color)

2.) Shades of blue or purple or even gray and pops of yellow.

3.) Varying shades of creams and browns

4.) Blue jeans with white shirts and/or white sun dresses.

5.) Hats, beads and coordinating hair accessories always make for cute photos.

6.) For a more whimsical look, try wearing loose fitting clothes. Long skirts for women and button down shirts and slacks for men. Little girls can wear loose, flowery dresses. Keep your hair simple and do not wear big hair accessories for this look.

Note: The above are just examples and there are many other color combinations that work well together. The bottom line… wear what you feel good in.

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