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    Looking for simplicity and authenticity in capturing your story? You've just found your match! Embrace a photography experience that's as relaxed as it is genuine, designed for those who cherish simplicity and yearn for their essence to be captured without complexity. 

    Say hello to stress-free photography where your story is the star. With all-inclusive packages and a knack for blending a laid-back style with artistic elegance, I promise a seamless, enjoyable session that celebrates you. No fuss, no hassle - just timeless masterpieces that reflect the genuine connections and profound moments of your life.

    Ready to elevate your memories into artful legacies? Let's create magic together and turn your. moments into cherished heirlooms. You're not just looking for a photographer; you're seeking an experience that captures the essence of your spirit and the bonds that define you. Here, that's exactly what you'll find.

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    Investing in a professional photographer transcends the act of capturing images - it's an investment in the intangible. It's the assurance that your memories will be immortalized with artistry and authenticity, not just pixels. 

    Professional photographers bring a mastery of light, composition, and storytelling, ensuring that each photograph becomes a timeless keepsake, a vivid story frozen in time, and a legacy that can be passed down through generations.

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    Minneapolis • St. Paul



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    Fun Fact!

    I met my husband on Bumble 5.5 years ago! So, I totally get how the process works and understand how important pictures are! If you're putting effort into your business headshots, you should also (and more importantly) be putting that same thought and care into your personal brand/headshots!

    Are you looking for love in the Twin Cities? Creating a standout collection of dating photos for those top-tier matches on dating apps can feel like a daunting task when you're flying solo.

    Now Offering - Twin Cities Dating Profile Portraits

    Minneapolis and st. paul, minnesota dating profile photographer

    I offer school portraits!

    My objective is to deliver a unique and exclusive experience to families whose children attend schools and homeschool groups or or co-ops that have selected Shannon Kathleen Photography as their preferred photography service. Embrace a new standard of school photography and make a lasting impression!

    fine Art school portraits in minneapolis and st. paul, mN