Why Golden Hour is Your Best Friend For Portraits

Greetings fabulous families! 🌈 Let’s embark on a magical journey with my guide “Unlock the Magic: Why Golden Hour is Your Best Friend for Portraits.” We’re going to explore the allure of golden hour portraits in the Twin Cities, capturing enchantment with soft glows and fairy-tale backdrops. Discover the secrets to flawless lighting, playful captures, and timeless family moments. Ready to create your own golden memories? Plan your enchanting session today! πŸ“Έβœ¨

What is Golden Hour and why is my best friend?

For those uninitiated, Golden Hour is that bewitching time just after sunrise or before sunset when the world is bathed in the most mesmerizing, warm light, therefore acting as a natural filter, outshining any Instagram magic! Why is it the perfect time for photos? Let’s dive deeper into the enchantment:⁠

1. The First Reason Golden Hour Is your Best Friend Is Because It Emanates Flawless Lighting:

Bid farewell to harsh shadows and squinty eyes! Golden Hour is your best friend! It unfolds your family in a soft, flattering glow resulting in essentially nature’s retouching, ensuring everyone looks their absolute best.⁠

2. Golden Hour Paints Magical Backdrops:

The sky during Golden Hour transforms into a majestic canvas! Painting hues of pink, orange, or lilac, your photos will resemble scenes from a fairy tale. Nature itself becomes the backdrop for your enchanting family moments.⁠

3. Golden Hour Is Your Best Friend Because It Gives All The Playtime Feels:

Have you ever noticed how children are at their chirpiest during Golden Hour? It’s the perfect time to capture those genuine giggles and playful moments. And don’t worry if they’re a bit shy or grumpy – as a seasoned pro, I’m adept at working with it!⁠

Preparing for Your Golden Hour Session:

Now, let’s prep for your Golden Hour shoot like seasoned adventurers:⁠

Wardrobe Magic:

Consider coordination, not just matching. Earthy tones and pastels beautifully vibe with the golden hues. Bonus cheeky tip: Tutus for kids or tiny bowties? Adorbs level πŸ’―.⁠

Snacks & Hydration:

Maintain those energy levels! A little snack attack can fend off cranky faces. Just avoid snacks that will leave lasting evidence on their adorable faces πŸ˜‰β 

Silverwood Park in New Brighton, MN

Props & Games:

Bubbles, balloons, or a cozy blanket can add an extra layer of charm. We’ll play games, let loose, and capture those candid smiles!⁠


Since Golden Hour unfolds later in the evening, encourage naps! Well-rested adventurers make for the best photos.⁠

Near Lake Harriet

Embrace the Adventure:

Remember, this isn’t just a photo shoot; it’s an adventure! Embrace the golden glow, and together, let’s create memories that shimmer forever. ✨ Ready for your Golden Hour magic? Let’s plan your enchanting session!⁠


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