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Create Captivating Profiles That Attract Perfect Matches

Enhance your dating profile with stunning professional photos in the Twin Cities. Capture your true essence and attract meaningful connections with my tailored dating photography sessions. I specialize in creating captivating collections of dating photos that capture your true essence and attract top-tier matches on dating apps.

Navigating online dating in Minneapolis and St. Paul can seem daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Choose Shannon Kathleen Photography for Your Dating Profile Needs:

My approach goes beyond merely taking pictures. I offer a personalized journey, guiding you through every step to ensure your dating profile photos radiate authenticity and magnetism. From selecting the perfect outfit to enhancing your on-camera confidence, I handle all the details. Let me cherry-pick the crème de la crème of professional dating photos in the Twin Cities to transform your online presence.

Are Frustrated with Swiping Left: Tired of photos that fail to represent you? I focus on showcasing your best angles while capturing the genuine charm and unique personality that make you, uniquely you.

Value First Impressions: In the competitive world of online dating, your photo is your first storyteller. I ensure it tells a compelling one, making you stand out in the crowded dating app scene of Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Seek Authenticity: Ready to ditch awkward selfies? Embrace professional photography that captures your true essence and presents you in the best light.

Let’s Begin Your Transformation!

Ready to stop the endless swiping and start making real connections? Join me at Shannon Kathleen Photography, where your journey to a captivating dating profile begins. Relax and let us craft a profile that attracts the right attention. Together, we’ll make your search for love a successful & enjoyable adventure.

Find Love with Top-Notch Minneapolis Dating Profile Photos

Want to Stand Out in the Dating Scene?

This Service is Ideal for you if:

Elevate your online presence with stunning, professionally crafted dating profile photos designed to make you shine. My tailored sessions ensure that each photo tells a story—your story. Perfect for singles in Minneapolis seeking to attract meaningful connections on dating platforms.

The Game-Changer for Your Dating Profile

  • All Of The Final Edited Images (Min Of 30) - You'll have more than you need!
  • Online Gallery W/Direct Download & Ordering Capabilities
  • Advice On How to Use Your Professional Photos to Boost Your Online Dating Profile



  • A Laid-Back & Fun Experience
  • 60 Min Personalized Photo Session


  • A Quick & Easy Booking Process
  • 50% Due Upon Booking
  • Detailed Questionnaire To Better Understand YOU & The Story You Want To Tell
  • 60 min Pre-Session Brainstorm/Strategy Call To Plan Locations/Outfits.
  • Current Image Curating Help
  • Wardrobe Assistance W/Option To Purchase A Zoom Style Consult
  • Add-On Option For A Stylist Recommendation


What You Get & What's Included :

  • Payment Plans Available 
  • Average Timeline in receiving photos: 1-2 weeks
  • Personalized Sessions: Enjoy tailored photography sessions that capture your unique experience
  • My Creative & Professional Editing Service

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Fun Fact!

I met my husband on Bumble 6 years ago! So, I totally get how the process works and understand how important pictures are! If you're putting effort into your business headshots, you should also (and more importantly) be putting that same thought and care into your personal brand/headshots!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm Shannon, a dedicated portrait artist & educator with over ten years of experience in capturing the unique essence of individuals. My passion is not just in photography but in celebrating each person's story through my lens. Based in Minneapolis, I specialize in creating compelling dating profile photos that help you stand out on any platform.

I thrive on watching moments of joy & authenticity unfold, much like witnessing children grow into their personalities. My approach combines emotional depth & meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each photo I take not only captures but enhances your individuality.

Through my tailored portrait sessions, I aim to empower you, helping you to explore & express your identity in ways that resonate deeply with potential matches. Join me in this transformative journey & let’s craft a dating profile that showcases the real you, attracting the kind of connections you deserve.

Discover How to Transform Your Dating Profile Today!





— Ryan | Roseville, MN

Shannon was great to work with from planning where the pictures would be taken through to taking the pictures. She did a wonderful job of getting me to smile and make me comfortable being the focus for an hour.

“ She did a wonderful job of getting me to smile "

— Glen | Minneapolis, MN

I was in a rush to have a modern, high quality headshot for business. Shannon did an incredible job! She was very easy to work with, creative and made the whole experience enjoyable. We even did a few other casual (dating) shots taking advantage of downtown Minneapolis stores and restaurants as backdrops. Highly recommend!

“ Shannon did an incredible job!"

— Tony | Minneapolis, MN

Shannon, You've performed an impressive feat, and not only taken pictures of me that I don't hate, but actually like, even smiling. If I  run into people that need a similar flavor of service, I'll send them you way.

“You've performed an impressive feat !"

— Joshua | Minneapolis, MN

Shannon was great! She is very professional and wants to get exactly what you want out of your photos. She is also extremely friendly and makes the whole experience very easy if you're stressed about any of it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for quality photography!

" She is very professional & wants to get exactly what you want out of your photos."

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me make it crystal clear: YOU DON'T NEED TO BE AN EXPERT to score those fantastic dating app photos.


You sole mission: Bring good vibes, stay in them moment, and follow my lead.

Concerned about awkwardness? Picture this: our dating photo session is less about striking poses and more like taking a stroll with a slightly bossy new friend and her camera. Sure, I'll guide you on where to stand or sit and how to flaunt your best angles, but mostly we'll be having a non-stop chat while I work my magic behind the lens.

We've got the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul areas as our playground. When it comes to dating profile photos, I love picking a spot that screams YOU - whether it's your turf, a cherished hangout, or that gritty urban scene you can't get enough of. Being that I am a natural light photographer only, we will pick spots indoors with great natural light or use the light of day outdoors.  We'll pick a meeting pint and capture your dating magic in the surrounding area. Downtown Minneapolis or the North Loop area are great spots! MANY places to walk around to and get diverse images and backdrops. 

I'll be in touch the days leading up to your dating profile photo session and if the weather forecast predicts rain or freezing temperatures, we'll reschedule, no biggie.

Let's get real about it - do you need a glam squad for your dating pics? My take? Nah, not really. Whether you're a guy or a gal, your dating photos are like your personal ad, and authenticity is key. If you're aiming for more than just first dates and want those second and third dates, honesty is your best policy. Going for a level of polish that's not your usual might backfire - surprise meetings aren't the vibe you're after.

Now, if a pro touch-up would give you a confidence boost for the photo shoot, that's a game changer. Just ask for a LOW-KEY, NATURAL LOOK that's close to your everyday self. For the record, none of my clients on my website have gone for a professional glam -- Just pure, authentic vibes all the way!

Absolutely! I'm all about capturing the dating magic for women too! While my dating profile page showcases mostly male clients, it doesn't mean I'm not passionate about photographing incredible women - I am! In fact, if you check out the rest of my website, you'll notice that most of my other types of services I offer are of women.

Not at all! Your fresh dating photos are part of the package. You'll receive exclusive access to a stylish private online gallery where you can download your brand new dating profile pictures. You'll have a plethora of options to experiment with on hour dating profiles, helping you discover which ones garner the most interest from the kind of matches you are seeking.

Absolutely! Your outfit choices can make or break your dating profile photos, and I've got you covered on the wardrobe front.

Upon booking your dating profile session, we will schedule a 60 minute brainstorming session planning meeting and discuss your outfits.

If you'd like extra assistance in curating the perfect wardrobe for your dating photos, consider adding a Zoom Style Consult (additional 175) to your session. We'll delve into your closet together, selecting the ideal outfits for your photo session.

OR if you're up for a complete wardrobe makeover, including some new threads, I've got the perfect local stylist recommendation who'll have you lookin (and feeling) like a million bucks! Just let me know and I'll hook you up! 

60 minutes. But don't worry! You will get plenty of diverse images in that amount of time!