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Navigating the delicate dance between being a loving mother and wife, a fervent photographer, and a connoisseur of life's exquisite instants, I've honed my craft to conjure images that breathe with unparallelled uniqueness and effortless flair. Each photograph I capture is a labor of love, drenched in beauty and woven with the threads of adventure. Embracing vulnerability by stepping into the frame has opened my eyes to a world of empathy and connection, enriching my bond with you, my clients. This journey of self-discovery empowers me to illuminate your distinct stories, crafting images that transcend the physical to stir the soul and heart.

You deserve portraits that echo the narrative of your journey - images that blend natural grace with timeless elegance, etching a lasting heritage. When I'm not behind the lens, I'm soaking in precious moments with my son, especially during his college homecomings, and cherishing life with my husband, who crossed my path on a dating app, weaving the tapestry of our blended family narrative.

Stepping both behind and before the lens has deepened my understanding of the courage it takes to truly be seen. This path has gifted me with an empathy that shapes how I see and capture you. My mission is to encapsulate not just an image, but the vibrant spirit of your uniqueness and the warmth of your family bonds. Together, let's create more than photographs - let's craft enduring, emotional imprints of your life's most precious chapters. 

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Cold weather and snow, give me the desert any day
Chocolate, I know I'm in the minority here
Set schedules, I'm a free spirit through and through
Shopping in a store, online shopping for the win
Listening to other people eat, it makes me angry LOL
Being late; If I'm on time, I'm late. I'm always early


Strolls in the mountains, feeling the sun on my back
Shorts, tank top, and flip flops
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey after a long day
Strength Training on my Lululemon Mirror to boost my mood
Watering my plants at home and listening to Jose Gonzales
Give me all the self help and serial killer crime books to devour


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Step into a realm where creativity intertwines with emotion, an invitation to experience the captivating world of my sophisticated and moody natural light portraits. This visionary approach to photography seeks to unviel the depths of your soul, laying bare the raw and authentic essene that resides within.

Harnessing the subtle nuances and transformative qualities of natural light, I craft a mood that resonates uniquely with your personal narrative. Light and shadow become vital elements in my compositions, evoking mystery, intrigue, and depth. 

With precise positioning and a discerning eye for detail, I accentuate the play of light on your features, emphasizing the contours of your face, the depth in your eyes, and the lines that narrate your story. The resulting images possess an enigmatic quality, compelling viewers to delve into the emotions they convey. 

This collaborative process encourages the unveiling of your true self. Express your emotions freely, allowing vulnerability and authenticity to radiate. Together, we create a visual symphony reflecting the rich tapestry of your inner world. 

Carefully chosen environments add depth and symbolism to these natural light portraits. Whether a secluded forest glade, an abandoned urban landscape, or a windswept beach, each location becomes an integral part of the narrative we weave.

During our session, I might guide you through poses and movements that evoke the desired emotions. Yet, spontaneity and fluidity remain paramount, allowing organic interactions that result in raw, unfiltered moments.

In post-processing, I meticulously curate images to enhance the atmosphere and evoke emotional responses. Subtle tonal shifts, rich contrasts, and artistic editing techniques amplify the mood, creating a visual language that resonates deeply.

Through my sophisticated and moody natural light portraits, I transcend ordinary photography, delving into the human experience. It is my vision to encapsulate the essence of your soul, crafting timeless art that stirs emotions, ignites introspection, and reveals your profound beauty. 

At Shannon Kathleen Photography, I  endeavor to curate a unique and seamlessly relaxed experience tailored for those entrusting me to capture their moments. My mission is to immortalize the ephemeral beauty of life through the art of photography. I firmly believe in the transformative power of images, capable of evoking emotions, triggering memories, and transcending the constraints of time.

Infused with passion and creativity, I aspire to produce enchanting visuals that narrate distinctive stories, unveiling the genuine essence of each individual. My overarching goal is to furnish an exceptional photography encounter that imprints a lasting impact.

My commitment extends to fostering meaningful connections with clients, delving into their visions, and translating them into imagery that profoundly resonates with their hearts. Every click of the shutter is a deliberate effort to immortalize the joy, love, and authenticity inherent in the human experience.

Embracing innovation and artistic expression, I consistently push the boundaries of my craft, refining my skills to yield exceptional results drenched in nostalgia, tenderness, and authenticity. This dedication to excellence ensures that each client receives not merely photographs but cherished memories to be revered across generations.

Embark on this exquisite journey with me, preserving moments in time, encapsulating emotions, and crafting enduring memories that will withstand the relentless march of time.

At Shannon Kathleen Photography, my ethos is a masterpiece painted with strokes of creativity, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. I transcend the role of photographer; I am a storyteller intricately capturing the delicate threads of human emotions and connections.

Diversity and inclusivity form the bedrock of my creative odyssey. I honor every unique background, cherishing the beauty found in differences that enrich the tapestry of my art. The belief that life's tapestry is woven with myriad stories propels me to amplify these narratives through my lens.

Respect is the cornerstone upon which I construct relationships - with my clients and the broader world. Each image I craft is a manifestation of collaboration, trust, and open communication.

Adaptability and innovation propel my evolution. The ever-evolving realm of photography serves as my muse, inspiring me to explore new horizons, experiment with fresh ideas, and weave visual stories that resonate with the pulse of our era.

I am more than a business: I am a distinct individual with a fervor for capturing the intangible. My commitment to ethical and responsible practices guides every step of my journey, as I tread this path with integrity and empathy.

Join me at Shannon Kathleen Photography for a creative odyssey that transcends the ordinary - an exploration of the artistry in every moment and an embrace of the extraordinary beauty encapsulated within each human experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

My photography has been described as authentic, natural, and romantic with a fine art essence. My goal is to capture the essence of your soul(s). In my role as a photographer, I aim deliver an extensive gallery of images that you can proudly adorn in your home as pieces of art or have preserved in a 10x8 custom album. These photographs represent an investment into yourself, your child, or your family.

I am a natural light, on-location photographer. Together we'll choose the perfect location for your photo session. Newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your own home.

My pricing is all-inclusive. You pay one price for your session and an extensive gallery of all of the final edited images ready for direct download. A 50% deposit is due when booking your session to secure your date. Find more about your investment HERE. 

Photographs hold and increase in sentimental value as time goes by, eventually becoming cherished heirlooms. Recognizing the importance of preserving these memories, I've streamlined my offering into one comprehensive collection. With my all-inclusive packages, you will receive all of your final poetically edited high resolution digital files via direct download, accompanied by a print release.  As an added bonus and my gift to you, a beautifully designed 10x8 album from your session is included at no extra cost - excludes Fresh 48, Pet Portraits, & Dating Portraits.

I look carefully at each and every image and hand select the best ones. I look for the ones that represent me as an artist and you as an individual or family.

I like to do newborn sessions within the first month of life, however my style allows for some flexibility in scheduling these. 

No; mini sessions are not conducive to my style. I am not after one great shot, but rather a collection of images for lifelong appreciation. BUT I might surprise you with one every now and then!


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Fun Fact!

I met my husband on Bumble 5.5 years ago! So, I totally get how the process works and understand how important pictures are! If you're putting effort into your business headshots, you should also (and more importantly) be putting that same thought and care into your personal brand/headshots!

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