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Hi there! I'm Shannon, your photographer in the Twin Cities area. I specialize in creative portraits for seniors, moms-to-be, newborns, families, and school portraits. I'm all about that relaxed yet organized style. If you're into creativity, appreciate art, and a touch of luxury, we're a perfect match.

I create beautiful, natural light portraits that go beyond the ordinary. My goal is to capture your true self, making images that are timeless and full of emotion.

I've been a single momma to an incredibly kind and fantastic 19 year old young man, whose aspiration is to pursue a career as a professional golfer. He began his college journey this 2023 Fall season!

In June 2021, I married the the man I had always dreamed of. We met 2 years prior on a dating app! He is my first marriage, and now we are a beautifully blended family of six.

By the end of July 2021, I had retired from my role as a full-time Certified Medical Assistant. Instead, I am following my passion as a self-taught artist and photographer, fully immersed in the art of photography. I embarked on my photography journey approximately 11 years ago. Each photo I capture holds a deep emotional connection for me. This art form serves as both my passion and creative outlet, whether I'm in front of or behind the camera.

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| Cold weather and snow, give me the desert any day
| Chocolate, I know I'm in the minority here
| Set schedules, I'm a free spirit through and through
| Shopping in a store, online shopping for the win
| Listening to other people eat, it makes me angry LOL
| Being late; If I'm on time, I'm late. I'm always early


| Strolls in the mountains, feeling the sun on my back
| Dresses that are flowy and white or shorts and flip flops
| Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey after a long day
| Strength Training on my Lululemon Mirror to boost my mood
| Watering my plants at home and listening to Jose Gonzales
| Give me all the self help and serial killer crime books to devour


Step into a world where creativity and emotion intertwine, as I invite you to experience the captivating realm of my creative and moody natural light portraits. In this visionary approach to photography, I strive to capture the depths of your soul, revealing the raw and authentic essence that lies within.

Embracing the power of natural light, I harness its subtle nuances and transformative qualities to create a mood that resonates with your unique story. The interplay of light and shadow becomes a key element in my compositions, as I seek to evoke a sense of mystery, intrigue, and depth.

Through careful positioning and a keen eye for detail, I emphasize the play of light on your features, highlighting the contours of your face, the depth in your eyes, and the lines that tell your personal narrative. The resulting images are imbued with a certain enigmatic quality, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the emotions and stories they convey.

In this collaborative process, I encourage you to bring your true self to the forefront. To express your emotions freely, allowing vulnerability and authenticity to shine through. Together, we will create a visual symphony that reflects the rich tapestry of your inner world.

The environments I select for these natural light portraits are chosen with care and intention. Be it a secluded forest glade, an abandoned urban landscape, or a windswept beach, each location adds a layer of depth and symbolism to your portraits. Nature, in all its untamed beauty, becomes an integral part of the narrative we weave together.

During our session, I may guide you through a series of poses and movements that evoke the emotions and themes we seek to convey. However, spontaneity and fluidity remain at the heart of my process, allowing you to organically interact with your surroundings and each other. The result is a collection of photographs that captures the raw, unfiltered moments of your connection and unleashes the power of your soul.

In post-processing, I carefully curate the images to enhance the atmosphere and evoke an emotional response. Subtle tonal shifts, rich contrasts, and artistic editing techniques are employed to further amplify the mood, creating a visual language that resonates deeply with both you and the viewer.

Through my creative and moody natural light portraits, I aim to transcend the realm of ordinary photography and dive into the depths of the human experience. It is my vision to encapsulate the very essence of your soul, creating timeless works of art that stir emotions, ignite introspection, and reveal the profound beauty that resides within us all.

At Shannon Kathleen Photography, I aim to offer a unique and oh so relaxed experience for those who trust me to capture them. My mission is to preserve the beauty of life's fleeting moments through the art of photography. I believe in the power of images to evoke emotions, spark memories, and transcend time. 

With passion and creativity, I strive to craft captivating visuals that tell unique stories and showcase the genuine essence of each individual. My goal is to provide an exceptional photography experience that leaves a lasting impact.

I am dedicated to building meaningful connections with my clients, understanding their visions, and translating them into stunning imagery that resonates with their hearts. With every click of the shutter, I seek to immortalize the joy, love, and authenticity of the human experience.

Embracing innovation and artistic expression, I  continuously push the boundaries of my craft, honing my skills to deliver exceptional results oozing with nostalgia, tenderness, and authenticity. My commitment to excellence ensures that every client receives photographs that are not just pictures, but cherished memories to be treasured for generations to come.

Join me on this beautiful journey of freezing moments in time, encapsulation emotions, and creating cherished memories that will stand the test of time.

At Shannon Kathleen Photography, my culture is a canvas painted with creativity, authenticity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I am more than a photographer: I am a storyteller capturing the intricate threads of human emotions and connections.

In my business, diversity and inclusivity are the cornerstones of my creative journey. I celebrate every unique background, embracing the beauty of differences that enrich my art. I believe that the tapestry of life is woven with myriad stories, and through my lens, I strive to amplify these narratives.

Respect is the foundation upon which I build relationships - with my clients and the world around us.  Every image I create is a product of collaboration, trust, and open communication.

Adaptability and innovation fuel my growth. The every-evolving world of photography inspires me to explore new horizons, experiment with fresh ideas, and craft visual stories that resonate with the pulse of our time.

I am more than a business; I am a unique individual with a passion for capturing the intangible. My commitment to ethical and responsible practices guides my every step, as I walk this path with integrity and empathy.

Join me at Shannon Kathleen Photography to embark on a creative odyssey that transcends the ordinary, celebrating the artistry in every moment and embracing the remarkable beauty that lies within the human experience.

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My mission

Culture Statment

No; mini-sessions are not conducive to my style. I am not after one great shot, but rather a collection of images for lifelong appreciation. 

do you offer mini sessions?

I look carefully at each and every image and hand select the best ones. I look for the ones that represent me as an artist and you as an individual or family.

How do you choose which images go in my gallery?

Photographs hold and increase in sentimental value as time goes by, eventually becoming cherished heirlooms.  Recognizing the importance of preserving these memories, I've streamlined my offering into one comprehensive collection.  With my all-inclusive packages, you will receive ALL your final poetically edited High Resolution digital files via direct download, accompanied by a print release.  As an added bonus, a beautifully designed 10x8 album from your session is included at no extra cost. 

Will I get my digital photos after the shoot?

I like to do Newborn sessions within the first month of life, however my style allows for some flexibility in scheduling.

My pricing is simple and all-inclusive.  You pay one price for ALL of the digital files. Total cost of my sessions is $750 (+tax).  When booking maternity + newborn together, that cost is $1,300 (+tax). A 50% deposit is due when booking your session to secure your date.  Find more about your investment HERE

When do Newborn sessions occur?

How much does all of this cost?

I am a natural light, on-location photographer. Together we will choose the perfect location for your session.  Newborn sessions are held in your home.

Where will my session be held?

My photography has been described as authentic, natural, and romantic with a fine art essence. My goal is the capture the essence of your soul(s). In my role as a photographer, I aim to deliver an extensive gallery of images that you can proudly adorn your home as pieces of art or have preserved in a custom 10x8 album. These photographs represent an investment into yourself,  your child, or  fur baby.

What kind of photographer are you?


Let's connect: @shannon_kathleenphotography