A Guide to In-Home Maternity Sessions: Embracing Winter’s Glow

In the next paragraphs we’ll discuss In-Home Maternity Sessions: Seizing the Moment with Shannon Kathleen Photography

Embracing the winter glow becomes an intimate affair with in-home maternity sessions by Shannon Kathleen Photography. No need to brave the winter weather; instead, let’s capture the essence of your maternity journey right in the comfort of your own space. As a natural light photographer based in the Twin Cities, I specialize in crafting timeless portraits that celebrate the warmth of this special season.

Upon entering your home, my mission is clear: to seek out the perfect spaces where natural light paints its most enchanting strokes. Whether it’s the serene master bedroom, the inviting kitchen, or a sunlit reading nook, these pockets of light become the canvas for your unique maternity story. Our session will unfold near windows, dance through doorways touched by light, and seize the warmth of every sunlit space your home graciously provides.

Join me on this visual journey as we navigate the art of in-home maternity sessions, capturing the radiant moments that define this special chapter. In the heart of winter, your home transforms into a cozy haven, and the magic of your maternity journey begins right at your doorstep.

I have a distinctive approach that involves embracing the play of natural light, seamlessly blending a laid-back vibe with an appreciation for the artistry in every shot. My vision extends beyond the ordinary, delving deep into the human spirit to capture the very essence of your soul. Through creative and emotive natural light portraits, I aim to evoke emotions, provoke self-reflection, and unveil the profound beauty within each of my clients.

Let’s delve into the specifics of what to expect during in-home maternity sessions.

In-home maternity sessions are not just about you but also about including those closest to you — your significant other, children, and even fur babies are more than welcome! My experience extends to working with children of all ages, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere even if they’re full of energy. The emphasis is on celebrating the beauty of your pregnant body and the profound connection between you and your little one within. No need to brave the winter weather—let’s capture the glow in your own space!

Home Sweet Home: Navigating Your Space for the Best Light For In-Home Maternity Sessions

  • Upon entering your home, my first step is to explore and identify rooms with the most enchanting natural light. This could be your cozy master bedroom, the inviting kitchen, a sunlit bathroom, or the warm ambiance of your living room. The goal is to find those pockets of light that will elevate your maternity portraits.

Chasing Light: Window Wonders and Doorway Drama

  • Throughout the session, we’ll predominantly work in areas illuminated by natural light. Whether it’s the soft glow near a window or the dramatic allure of a doorway, these spaces become our canvas. Expect to see the dance of light enhancing every frame, creating a luminous backdrop for your winter maternity story.

Winter’s Embrace: Creating Intimacy Near Sunlit Spaces For In-Home Maternity Sessions

  • As we move through your home, we’ll gravitate towards sunlit spaces, capturing the essence of winter’s embrace. Imagine the tender glow as you share a quiet moment in the nursery or bask in the soft radiance of your favorite reading nook. Each corner becomes an opportunity to freeze the beauty of this unique chapter.

Cozy Corners and Warm Hues: Choosing the Perfect Setting For Your In-Home Maternity Session

  • Expect to be guided to cozy corners and spaces adorned with warm hues. Your home provides a backdrop rich in personal stories, and we’ll ensure each setting complements the winter aesthetic. From the warmth of your fireplace to the charm of your furnishings, every detail adds to the narrative.

Now, let’s talk wardrobe — an essential aspect to ensure you feel your absolute best during your in-home maternity session.

While long dresses offer comfort and allow for easy movement, I encourage you to choose outfits that make you feel beautiful and comfortable. The possibilities are diverse, from one comfortable outfit to a dramatic one, or simply switching up layers. For in-home sessions, the vibe tends to be more casual, allowing for intimate and cozy moments. Think lace details, textured materials, or even just a bra and panties paired with a chunky cable knit sweater for that sexy, comfortable feel.

  • Check out a PINTEREST board I put together for ideas!
  • For Dads: Button-downs, flannels, sweaters, henleys, or t-shirts with chinos, jeans, joggers, or khakis.

The experience is not just about capturing moments; it’s about making you feel confident, beautiful, and at ease.

In my lens, the organic and natural essence takes center stage. No uncomfortable gowns or awkward poses; just you, as you are right now, in the comfort of your home. The result? Timeless masterpieces that go beyond conventional maternity photography. So, this winter, let Shannon Kathleen Photography turn your in-home maternity session into a warm and enchanting experience!

The In-Home Maternity Session Process

Most families also choose to also add on the Newborn Session. It is wonderful to capture the fleeting time that is pregnancy and it is a nice way for us to get to know each other before the newborn session if you choose to book one. You save $200 if your book your maternity session with a newborn session!!

After you contact me and select your desired package(s), you’ll be prompted to fill out your contract and make a payment for your 50% session deposit.

Regardless of if you choose simply a maternity session or decide to do the maternity/newborn package, a deposit is due at the time of booking, and the remainder of the fee (for both the maternity and newborn session) is due at the date of the maternity session. If you are only booking a maternity session, you pay the deposit for just the maternity session and the balance is due on your maternity session date.

When photographing in your home, I prefer late morning because that is when homes are usually lit up best.  When scheduling, pick your date and we can discuss time.

Preparing For Your Session

Your maternity session would take place any time after 30 weeks gestation. Once your contract is signed and your deposit is paid, you will receive a link to my welcome site, which includes everything you need to know on how to prepare for your session. If you are adding a newborn session, together we will select the best day and the location of this newborn session would be in the comfort of your own home. IF choosing a newborn session as well, once the baby is born, you will contact me and we will book you newborn session between 5-15 days after birth, however I am flexible on this. We will schedule accordingly.

Once you are scheduled you’ll gain access to my private client welcome guide to aid in preparing further!

What’s Included

  • My Maternity Session has all-inclusive pricing.
  • Up to 45-60 minutes of photography time.
  • You’ll end up with beautiful and artistic storytelling portraits.
  • ALL of the poetically edited High Resolution Images With Print Release (minimum of 40 images).
  • Online Image Gallery With Ordering And Sharing Capabilities.
  • Professional Lab services
  • Complimentary custom luxury 10×8 photo album from your session.

Gallery Delivery

Approximately 2 weeks after your session date, you will receive a link to your secure online photo gallery, where you have full access to download your images and shop for prints and other available products. Within 3-4 weeks your complimentary luxury photo album will be delivered straight to your home! If you add on the newborn session, your maternity images will be added to the newborn album and delivered within 3-4 weeks AFTER your newborn session.

Pricing For Your In-Home Maternity Session

As seen on my investment page, my current maternity session pricing for 2023 is $750 (+tax). When booking maternity + newborn together, that cost is $1,300 (+tax). You save $200 by booking them together! Pricing for both my maternity and newborn sessions are increasing for 2024 to $850 each, leaving the package at $1,500.

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