A Surprise Publication --Bella Grace Magazine Issue 18


It was just before Christmas and I decided to spoil myself with the latest issue of Bella Grace Magazine at my local Barnes & Noble book store. While waiting in the long checkout line, I was thumbing through the publications luxurious pages and I discovered myself in the magazine!! Both my son and I flipped out!

Below is the original image I had taken. This is a portrait I had taken of myself a few years ago :) To see more of my self portraits click HERE.


Here is my image inside Issue 18 of Bella Grace Magazine :)

Bella Grace is a special, 160-page publication devoted to discovering magic in the ordinary. Our aim is to touch the souls of our readers through beautifully penned stories and striking photographs that capture life’s beautiful journey.

Go to your local Barnes & Noble to purchase your copy or visit their website at https://stampington.com/Bella-Grace-Issue-18

This is my 4th publication with Bella Grace Magazine. See below for the links to the others:

Bella Grace Magazine - Look Inside

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