payment plans available


What’s included:

  • A quick and easy booking process
  • 50% due upon booking
  • Cell phone/text access to me to text me once the baby has arrived.

  • A laid-back experience
  • Your role is to simply be
  • 45-60 min of photography time

  • a beautiful experience
  • All of the final edited images (min of 30)
  • Online gallery w/direct download & ordering capabilities

This is for you if:

In these precious hours following your baby's arrival, let's freeze  the magic. My Fresh 48 session is an intimate photographic experience capturing the authenticity of those initial moments in the hospital. 

This is not about posed perfection but about documenting the genuine emotions, tiny details, and the overwhelming love that fills the room. From the first yawn to the wrinkled fingers, every nuance is carefully preserved, creating a timeless visual story your baby's first hours.

This session is engineered for ultimate ease. Your role? Simply be. 

Once your bundle of joy arrives, shoot me a text, and I'll be there within the first 48 hours. 

You crave authenticity and raw beauty of those first, unscripted moments with your newborn.

The idea of preserving the tiny details, like wrinkled fingers and sleepy yawns within the first 48 hours of your baby's life resonates with you.

You want to share the joy and excitement of your newborn's arrival with friends and family who couldn't be there in person. You want to document the love and warmth that fills the room during those early hospital moments.

Twin Cities Fresh 48 Sessions

Average Timeline: 2 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

When you choose me for a Fresh 48 Session, I am primed and ready to document those precious moments following your baby's arrival. this session is held at your chosen birthplace -whether it's a hospital/birth center, or your home. Typically, it occurs within 48 hours of your little one's delivery. Once you go into labor, a simple text from you or your partner, and I'll be there shortly after you've entered recovery, often by the following morning.  

These sessions are all about keeping it relaxed and worry free!

Definitely! Securing your spot in advance guarantees my availability when you require my services. 

Absolutely! I encourage immediate family members to join the session. To ensure efficiency and respect your personal space, I kindly request that extended family members refrain from being in the room during the session unless there's a medical necessity.

I totally get that the last thing you need right after giving birth is me taking up your time. I'll do my best to wrap up within 45-60 minutes.

It depends on the hospital's policy. I may or may not have access to the NICU. If I can't enter, you have the option to reschedule your Fresh 48 session for an in-home session at a later date.

Feeling your best right after giving birth is rare. The focus during your session will be on your precious newborn. Any photos that feature Mom and/or Dad will be taken to highlight your natural beauty.

You'll get a sneak peek within 24 hours after our session. The fully edited digital images will be accessible in a lovely online gallery ready for download within 2 weeks.

Every session is distinctive, but rest assured, you'll have at least 30 images.