includes 5 high Res digital images w/option to purchase more & order prints/products



What’s included:

  • A quick and easy booking process
  • 100% due upon booking To secure Time slot

  • A laid-back & FUN experience
  • Your child's role is to simply be
  • 10 min of photography time

  • a beautiful experience & gain in confidence!
  • 5 final edited images in Black in White w/option to purchase more
  • secure Online gallery w/direct download & ordering capabilities

creating confidence through celebrating their personality

Ever heard the phrase "in the blink of an eye"? With kids, it's not just a saying; they truly grow at lightning speed!

My Personality Portraits freeze-frame those precious stages, capturing the essence of each unique personality.

Picture revisiting these snapshots yearly - watch your toddler morph into a little one, then a big kid, and finally a teenager! It's a time-traveling adventure revealing the subtle yet remarkable changes that occur, each moment a treasure, reminding us how swiftly they happen!

This session is engineered for ultimate ease for your child(ren). Their role? Simply be. 

Unlocking confidence through my Personality Portraits involves crafting an environment where kids feel entirely at ease to express their authentic selves. From serious to silly, fun to pouty, introverted to extroverted - it's about providing a secure space for them to explore and embrace their individuality. 

Let's celebrate what makes them uniquely extraordinary!

Twin Cities Personality Portraits

Average Turnaround: 1-2 weeks

Introducing my exclusive offering:

Limited edition personality portraits, a series of mini sessions centered around the vibrant emotions of children. Crafted to instill confidence, these sessions authentically capture the true essence of your child

Frequently Asked Questions

A personality portrait session is a unique and personalized experience where I capture the essence and individuality of your child at their current stage.

These are mini sessions and will be 10 minutes each, providing ample time to capture a variety of expressions and moments.

I create a relaxed and fun atmosphere, encouraging kids to be themselves. My friendly approach helps them feel at ease :)

Dressing in comfortable and colorful outfits that reflect your child's personality is recommended! But do remember, you'll be getting Black and White images.  Avoiding busy patterns can enhance the focus on their expressions. 

You will get 5 beautifully edited high-resolution Black and White images showcasing various facets of your child's personality - with option to purchase more

Absolutely! Bringing props that hold significance for your child or represent their hobbies can add a personal touch to the portraits.  I will not be offering props.

It's perfectly normal, and I'm experienced in working with children of all temperaments. I  use engaging techniques to bring out their personality naturally.  I  also highly encourage you to prep them beforehand - letting them know that a friend will be taking their picture and they can simply be themselves!

Your 5 beautifully edited high-resolution images will be delivered digitally via a secure online gallery with option to purchase  more as well as prints and products. You can expect to receive your edited photos within 1-2 weeks, ensuring that you have beautiful memories to cherish.

Sorry, but no. These are specifically designed to allow each individual to shine :)

bonus tips

empowering confidence at a young age:

What to wear:

before the session: 

Tips for bringing out personality:


Once the excitement subsides, the moment arrives to unveil the captured images. It's a departure from gazing in the mirror, where flaws often take center stage. A portrait is a revelation of what makes an individual distinct, an authentic showcase of their uniqueness and originality. It genuinely reflects them by capturing the spectrum of emotions in a beautifully expressive way. As discussed in this article by The Bump, fostering confidence begins early in life - explore more here.

These images become cherished keepsakes, a tangible reminder of their essence. Knowing and hearing the admiration for who they are as individuals fosters a profound sense of confidence. It empowers them to stay true to themselves, embrace your values, and make informed decisions.

Check out some additional ways to build self confidence.

  • You will be getting an online gallery with options to purchase beautiful prints, products, canvases, frames, and more! All from a reputable professional print lab.

  • Print your high-resolution images to poster size! Then pick a poster sized frame. Michael's or Hobby Lobby will have something reasonably priced. Any poster sized (24x36) frame should do!

  • One website that does an amazing job printing these life sized prints is Smallwoods Home! You gotta get these images on your wall!

  • Make individual photo books! Currently my session includes 2 digital images when you book; however, the gallery will usually has more that you can purchase in addition.  If you end up purchasing the whole gallery, you could easily create a mini flip book for each child. This is a completely unique way to display the whole gallery in a cost-effective way. Artifact Uprising mini-books are perfect and would make a great keepsake to make every year!

  • No space for life sized prints? Consider a gallery wall! If you only have one child, you can display their different facial expressions. A family with multiple children can make a fun grid of all the faces that make up your family.

  • Explore the ideal opportunity to gather "gifts for_______" content during these personality portrait mini sessions! Delight Grandma with a graceful smiling portrait or bring a chuckle to Dad with socks featuring your kiddo's face - personality portraits are the solution! Walk away with the perfect content for gifts that will bring joy to every family member.
  • Comfort is Key: Opt for comfortable clothing that your child loves and feels good in. Uncomfortable clothing can affect their mood.

  • Avoid Overly Matched Outfits: While some coordination is great, avoid overly matched outfits with siblings. Let each family member showcase their individual style.

  • Consider the Location:  Think about the white backdrop of the session. Even though the images will be provided in black and white, bolder colors might stand out more.

  • Layers and Accessories: Consider adding layers or accessories for a more dynamic look. A hat, a scarf, or a cute jacket or sweater can add a playful touch.

  • Explore Interests: Take note of your child's current interests, hobbies, or favorite activities. This could be a favorite toy, book, or anything that reflects their personality. 

  • Discuss Expectations: Talk to your child about the upcoming session. Share the excitement and discuss how it's an opportunity to capture their unique self. Ensure they know it's meant to be fun and enjoyable.

  • Choose the Right Time: Schedule the session during a time when our child is usually most active and happy. Be mindful of the times that are available and be sure to have them take a nap prior and have a snack.

  • Favorite Toys or Props: Bring along a few of your child's favorite toys or props. This can provide comfort and bring out genuine expressions.

  • Snacks and Water: Pack some of your child's favorite snacks and water. A well-fed and hydrated child is more likely to be cooperative and energetic.

  • Capturing Candid Moments: Candid moments often capture the true essence of your child's personality. Let them play, laugh, and be themselves.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Offer positive reinforcement. Praise your child during the session, highlighting their uniqueness, This boosts confidence and helps create a positive experience.

  • Relax and be Yourself: Encourage your child to relax and be themselves. Genuine expressions and moments are what make personality portraits special.

  • Incorporate Activities:  Plan some activities during the session that your child enjoys. This could be playing with bubbles or anything that brings out their joy.

  • Layers and Accessories: Consider adding layers or accessories for a more dynamic look. A hat, a scarf, or a cute jacket or sweater can add a playful touch.

  • Trust Your Photographer: Trust your photographer's expertise. I am skilled in bringing out the best in each child. Follow my guidance and enjoy the process!