The Prism Effect: Using Fractal Filter Prisms

by: Shannon Kathleen Photography

In this blog, The Prism Effect: Using Fractal Filter Prisms, I will talk about my journey as a creative photographer and give plenty of examples using the Fractal Filter Prisms.

I haven’t always been a rule breaker in the way of photography; not when I first started out anyways. 

Once I discovered there was a whole slew of photographers out there that didn’t worry about what others thought of there work and were considered “the rule breakers”… deep in my soul I  knew this was what I was destined to create: Art.  Adding new dimensions to my craft of photography feeds my soul.

Created using the Fractal Filter Prisms by Nikk Wong of Get Fractals

Yes, eventually we all need to learn the rules, but the nice thing about all the rules of photography is they can often be broken with great results 😉 I love breaking rules. It is so much more fun and less stressful not having to worry about all of the rules all of the time.

For me, I am bound to photography by feel.  Realizing this early on helped me figure out my why, why I love what I do: to create from the heart, to practice different photography techniques and experiment with new things. All so I can unearth and discover the depths of myself, so I can express myself, and how I see our breathtaking world and enhance its beauty with the aid of fun photography tools.

As a hopeless romantic, I am really drawn to the dreamy, enchanting, mysterious, and whimsical form of art.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”

Maya Angelou
Created using the Fractal Filter Prisms by Nikk Wong of Get Fractals

Just before Christmas, I was showing my 13 year old son an image that was taken using a prism that inspired me … he said, “It would be cool if prisms had a handle so you could hold it easier in front of your lens.” I was SUPER impressed with his statement and told him, “There are!! Check these out!! I neeeeed to have them!!” I showed him the Get Fractals website.  Well, he shared this information with my dad and next thing I knew I was opening up this amazing gift on Christmas.


I found out about these outstandingly creative tools through a photography group on Facebook earlier this winter. A regular prism is something I’ve had in my arsenal for some time, but when I saw these, I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM!

Fractal Filter Prisms “augment your photo subjects with brilliant kaliedscopic reflections. Fractals are the perfect camera filters for portraits, weddings, and more!”

The set comes with 3 different prisms that each provide their own unique effect. What surprised me was the high quality carrying case they come in! This case has 3 slots of soft fabric to house each individual prism and has a strap to throw over your shoulder! It even has a slot on the back of the case to strap onto a belt! SO cool, right?!

How to use the Fractal Filters and get your Prism Effect:

  1. You simply place your fingers in the finger holes of the handle attached to each prism.
  2. Then place the prism in front of your lens and move it around until you see what you want to capture. I tend to place directly in front of my lens and shoot through the center of the prism. You can also hold the prism of to the side of your lens to get the effect on only 1/2 or a portion of your image.
  3. Create from your heart. Create what speaks to YOUR soul and how you interpret “beautiful”.
  4. Experiment and have fun!
  5. Practice! Practice! Practice!
  6. Lastly, but most importantly be kind and gentle with yourself as you learn and experiment 🙂

When I was getting together with my friend, Mary, in Arizona this past February I used my Fractal set for a majority of the session and as a result, I  was extremely satisfied with the results!! See the results below!  I am obsessed with these prisms and want to use them on everything I photograph!

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All images edited using SMAL Rose Presets

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