Is Your Headshot Up To Date?

It’s astonishing, and unfortunately it’s a reality more often than not, that professional men and women have a waaaaaay outdated headshot or have a hazy iPhone selfie appearing on websites. Or none at all for that matter.

Even though our iPhones take high-res images, the quality is still not good enough to satisfy the professional headshot need.  What does an old iPhone snap or using a plain headshot you had taken 6 years ago say about your personal brand???

By investing in contemporary, professional images that reflect who you truly are, you are setting the tone for your personal brand from the moment your connections lay eyes on you.



What is a Professional Branding Portrait? It is a portrait of yourself that represents YOU. The most prominent business owners understand the importance of branding their business effectively. Your personal brand is individual: it’s how people think of you as a person – who you are, how you act, your own capabilities and how you are perceived in the marketplace.

Personal branding images should reflect you, your ethos, your values and your personality. After all, your headshot is your handshake in today’s digital world. People are effectively choosing you when they choose your company so personal branding is absolutely critical to effective leadership and success. They define you as a leader and gives you a chance to tell your story.

Do you, as a professional working woman or man, have a color headshot that has been taken professionally in the last 2 or 3 years? Ones in which you hold the rights to use as you see fit and have the high-resolution files to??

If you were to be selected to speak at an event, be featured in a magazine, or chosen to receive an award, would you have an image of yourself that you could provide to the organization or media? One that is up to date? The washed-out color, more than a decade old clothes or hairstyles, fewer wrinkles, or poor quality may give you away of having outdated and/or unprofessional appearing headshots 😉

When you have up to date headshots (branding portraits) of yourself you are showing those in your profession or those that are seeking your skills that YOU make yourself a PRIORITY to show yourself in the best light and will therefore in turn make those who want your services a priority as well.


Most of us are self-conscious about having our photo taken. This is NORMAL! I like to have fun with my clients. Yes, FUN!  All of my on-location sessions are spontaneous and unplanned.  We’ll glide through your session naturally and have a good time doing it! Self-conscious or not, we must make this (us) a priority in our busy worlds.

Keep reading to see how to hire me 😉


  1. Guideline regarding what is high-resolution: jpeg formt about 1MB in size and 300 dpi, roughly a 5 x7 image.
  2. It’s invaluable to have a long and short bio of yourself living on your computer — short being about 5 sentences and long being about 20 sentences. Write like you are talking to a friend about who you are. (If you are offered that award or featured in a magazine or website you’ll be grateful to have this bio handy!) Have one on your website too.
  3. Personal branding is about creating content: images, videos, podcasts, articles, interviews, social media updates, comments on other people’s media, and the all important blog.
  4. Remember to keep you brand image and message consistent across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, ect.), so that your followers can identify your personal voice.
  5. Personal branding is an ongoing process that requires constant attention. You should keep reinvigorating your brand to ensure it’s relevant in the current marketplace.


When you hire me you get an ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING package.

I never want you to have to choose your favorite images and I never want to restrict the images I edit and place in your gallery.  My style of photography results in a collection of beautiful and creative images that speak to you and represent YOU.

Your session fee with Shannon Kathleen Photography will include:

  1. Your amazing outdoor or indoor (with great natural lighting) photography session.
  2. The time it takes to professionally and artfully edit your images.
  3. All the final high resolution beautifully edited images to keep for life to print and use as you see fit.
  4. A gorgeous online gallery where you can view, share, have unlimited downloads, and order prints.
  5. Print release.


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