A Relentless Fight Against The Shadows Of Mental Health

In a world where we often mask our struggles behind smiles and filtered photos, it’s crucial to highlight stories that matter. Enter the story of Gabby (Gabriella) Welsch, a tale of resilience, bravery, and a relentless fight against the shadows of mental health. Today, I invite you to join me on a journey to shed light on mental health awareness and support Gabby in her quest for a magazine cover and scholarship. Every vote counts; together, we can make a significant impact.

A Glimpse into Gabby’s Journey

Gabby is not just a name; it’s a symbol of courage. Indeed, she has faced the darkest corners of her mind, battling suicidal thoughts and confronting the challenges of borderline personality disorder. Through it all, she has emerged as a beacon of hope and an advocate for open conversations about this relentless fight against the shadows of mental health.

The Power of Poetry

In her pursuit of purpose, Gabby turned to poetry. Furthermore, she found solace in words, using them to inspire others to express themselves authentically, judgment-free. Her poetry is a testament to her belief that beauty can be found in the transformation of pain. As a result, she’s a living example of how art can heal and help remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

In Gabby’s interview with Inspiring Teens Magazine she said, “I first started writing poetry in 7th grade. What prompted my first poem was the heartache I felt toward a boy, and writing about it helped me through it. One of my favorite poems happens to be one of my darkest poems, it was a poem about a trauma of mine. During the process of writing that poem, I felt I was able to articulate feelings I wasn’t even aware of and turn them into dancing metaphors. The poem is so special to me because I turned something that tore me apart into something beautiful. READ MORE HERE

Gabby’s Senior Photo Shoot

Our collaboration brought Gabby’s unique vision to life during her senior photo shoot. This was a journey of creativity and self-expression, and the resulting photos reflect her individuality beautifully. These images are not just photographs; they are windows into a soul that refuses to be defined by its struggles.

However, Gabby’s journey doesn’t end here. She’s now a part of the Inspiring Teens Magazine Contest, where she has a chance to secure the cover spread and a scholarship. This recognition is not just a personal triumph; it’s a platform to amplify the message she carries – a message of hope, resilience, and the power of art to heal.

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How You Can Help

I invite you to stand with me in support of Gabby’s journey. If you’re able, consider casting your vote in the Inspiring Teens Magazine Contest. Your vote not only boosts Gabby’s chances of winning but also brings attention to the critical issue of mental health awareness and the relentless fight against against the shadows surrounding it.

Voting is simple and impactful. Each vote is $5, and the proceeds contribute to a scholarship that could significantly impact Gabby’s future. By voting, you become a part of Gabby’s story, her art, and her message of hope.

If you can vote, that’s fantastic, and your support is invaluable. Please find the voting link HERE.

A) VOTE as many times as you’d like but spreading them out works too since the teens need a certain amount of votes per day to move on to the next daily round.
B) Post her voting link using any information in this post to go along with it.
C) Think of people you know in the following circles and send them an email or direct message:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Health Care Systems
  • Mental Health Treatment Systems
  • Business Networking Groups (only if it feels appropriate)
  • Friends in addiction recovery – ONLY if not to profit or market AA
  • Influencers – those who have large audiences in some way who may be willing to make a post or send out an email
  • Churches or Youth Groups

If voting isn’t an option for you, that’s perfectly fine. I still encourage you to read and share Gabby’s inspiring interview with Inspiring Teens Magazine, which you can also find RIGHT HERE. Her words have the power to touch hearts, and sharing her story can create ripples of awareness about mental health.

Who Is Inspiring Teens Magazine?

Inspiring Teens is an organization that runs teen leadership programs for teens across the globe out of our Warrington, PA, USA studio. The magazine is one of our “by teens for teens”. They also host many teen events and use the magazine as well as other fundraisers to keep our leadership programs running as well as their annual awards show so they can continue to provide these opportunities to so many well deserving teens across the world!

Why Your Vote Matters

Gabby’s story deserves recognition, and her voice needs to be heard. By voting for her in the Inspiring Teens Magazine contest, you’re not just supporting one individual; you’re contributing to a larger movement of breaking the silence around mental health. Your vote can help her secure a scholarship that will open doors to new opportunities and education.

If Gabby were to place in the Inspiring Teen Contest – or even win! – this contest would launch her poetry book’s success to incredible levels. The visibility would be astounding – but more important is the idea that her poetry would shed light on what it is like to live with BPD and other diagnoses which will have a beautiful ripple effect.


In a world that often shies away from discussing mental health, Gabby’s bravery shines as a guiding light. Her journey is a testament to the power of art, resilience, and the human spirit. By voting for Gabby in Inspiring Teens Magazine’s contest, you’re not just supporting her; you’re promoting mental health awareness and giving a voice to countless others who may be struggling in silence.

Let’s come together, VOTE, and make a positive change. Gabby’s story deserves to be told on the cover of a magazine, and your vote can make it happen. Join me in this important mission, and together, we can inspire and empower. #VoteForGabby #MentalHealthMatters #InspiringTeens

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