Unleashing Individuality: Unique Senior Portraits with Creative Flair

Wanting to unleash your individuality? Looking for unique senior portraits with creative flair? As your high school journey approaches its culmination, there’s no more fitting tribute than immortalizing your essence through the artistry of crafting Unique Senior Portraits with Creative Flair.

Within the realm of Shannon Kathleen Photography, I will curate an experience that transcends the ordinary portrayal of moments.

Embark on this exhilarating visual journey before the impending yearbook deadline.

Experience the Uniqueness of Your Senior Portrait Session

My Senior Portrait Experience is thoughtfully curated to cater to your unique journey as a Senior. Designed with utmost care and attention, it’s tailor-made for individuals like you who yearn to encapsulate every nuance of expression, every raw emotion, and every exquisite detail that defines your identity. I deeply understand that your Senior Portraits hold the power to tell a story, your story. I am dedicated to crafting visuals that resonate with your distinct individuality and vibrant personality. With each snapshot, my mission is to encapsulate the essence of your high school journey, ensuring that your Senior Portraits become a timeless reflection of your remarkable self.


Ample Time For Comfort

I completely empathize with the apprehension that can come with stepping in front of the camera. It’s completely natural to feel a bit hesitant in such a setting. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, I’ve designed a photography session that spans a generous 2 hours. This extended timeframe gives you the opportunity to gradually settle into the environment, to find your rhythm, and to truly embrace the experience. My primary aim is to establish a space that feels welcoming and supportive, one where you can shed any initial nervousness and truly come into your own. It’s my sincere hope that within this timeframe, you’ll not only grow comfortable with the process, but also discover the joy of expressing your genuine self in front of the lens.

Express Yourself Through Variety

Embrace your individuality with the flexibility of 3-4 outfit changes and the chance to venture to up to 3 distinct locations (considering distance). This dynamic setting affords you the liberty to manifest various dimensions of your personality. Be it a casual, vibrant, or classic aesthetic you’re drawn to, my session empowers you to experiment and curate a diverse compilation of images that wholeheartedly encapsulate your true essence.

Capturing the Essence

Guided by my artistic approach to editing, every image is thoughtfully fashioned to mirror your distinctive essence. You can anticipate receiving a comprehensive collection of artistically edited high-resolution digital images, spanning a range of 50-100+ shots. Beyond mere snapshots, these images are eloquent masterpieces, eloquently narrating YOUR personal story.

Seamless Online Experience

Extend your excitement to friends and family by utilizing my online gallery. This convenient platform facilitates effortless viewing, sharing, and ordering, therefore making it simple for your loved ones to partake in the jubilation of your accomplishments.

Complimentary 8×10 Luxurious Photo Album

I firmly believe that your Senior Portraits merit a place of honor extending beyond the digital sphere. This conviction is why I take pride in incorporation a breathtaking 8×10 photo album into your collection. This tangible keepsake serves as an enduring memento, a cherished reminder of the vibrancy and significance encapsulated within this thrilling chapter of your life’s journey.

All-Inclusive Pricing

I believe in transparency, and as a result, my pricing is meticulously designed to encompass every element required for a truly memorable Senior Portrait Experience. There are absolutely no hidden fees or unexpected surprises- what you see is exactly what you get: exceptional photography that beautifully echoes your authentic self.As your journey through high school draws closer to its conclusion, allow me to be a part of your narrative. With my creative Senior Portraits, I’m here to commemorate this significant chapter and honor your individuality. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to secure your spot and begin your invigorating journey of self-expression through my captivation visuals!

Investment $850

– Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • 2 Hours 
  • 3-4 outfit changes
  • Up to 3 Locations (depending on distance from each other)– I have a few locations up my sleeve that provide diverse scenes/backgrounds all in one location!
  • ALL the artistically edited High Res Digital Images (50-100+)
  • Online gallery for viewing, sharing, ordering
  • Complimentary 8×10 Photo Album 
  • Digital print release
  • 50% due upon booking. Final payment due day of. Payment plan options available upon request.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Creative Natural Light Fine Art Portrait Artist

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