Self-Portrait Storytelling Photo Session

I’ve been brainstorming a self-portrait storytelling photo session idea and ways I can document my story no matter what it is.

  • Yesterday I had a personal breakthrough and after I thought, “there have got to be others out there that have gone through something similar, maybe not directly the same, but similar.”

I was engaged about 6 years ago and then removed myself and my son from the relationship because it was becoming volatile and unhealthy.  I still have the stupid wedding dress I purchased.  I’ve tried to sell it with no luck, so there it sits at the top of my closet.  At first I was hesitant and slightly disgusted at the thought of putting it on, but concluded that this was a much better use for it!!! 

This self-portrait storytelling photo session was like giving it a second life! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! Like making lemonade out of a lemon!

Self-Portrait Storytelling Photo Session Idea #2

  • Idea #2:  I understand that not everyone has a situation like this one … but maybe you still have your wedding dress and it just sits in your closet or in storage!

So, here’s one idea … LET’S DO A TRASH THE DRESS SESSION WITH YOUR DRESS!! 🙂 It could be something beautiful … near a shallow body of water, with your husband, something sexy–like him peeling the shoulder down or unzipping it–without nudity of course 😉


And another idea … Maybe you are divorced and still love your dress … well, we could do something similar to the Idea #1.  Or maybe you still have the dress and want nothing to do with it — LET’S TRASH IT!! It could involve paint or whatever else we come up with! 🙂

Something not photography related — If you are done with and don’t know what to do with it, you could donate your wedding dress to charity.  I was informed of a beautiful organization that makes beautiful gowns for babies who are born angels or pass away shortly after birth.  They are located in River Falls, WI. You can discover more on their website

  • Idea #3:  Yes, I am still talking about wedding dresses BUT not a self-portrait 😉  Do you have a daughter? Young or older?  I have seen some other photographers being hired to take photos of little girls in their mother’s wedding dress … these are seriously to die for! So adorable!!  A photographer that I admire did this with her daughter.  This photographer’s name is Marie Masse (Founder of Fearless and Framed). You can see her photos by clicking HERE.  They are soooo amazing!

OTHER SESSION IDEAS – not dress or self-portrait related 😉

  • Idea #4:  This one is for the men!!!  I recently came across this awesome idea on Facebook.  A man took photos of himself doing chores around the house and gifted them to his wife for Mother’s Day. BRILLIANT right??!!

To see this guy (Chad Fish is his name) and the session he did, click HERE!  I would sooooo love to do this for someone!!  What women wouldn’t find it sexy seeing her husband or boyfriend doing chores around the house??!! 😉

  • Idea #5:  Do you know anyone recently diagnosed with Cancer?  I’ve seen some really beautiful documentary sessions that document their story — remembering what they may have looked like before starting treatments, before they loose their hair. Capturing moments along the way during a difficult process. You might be wondering, “Why do I want photos of this?!?!”.  I never would have thought of it either, but after seeing and hearing from people who have done this, they truly treasure these memories.
  • Idea #6:  There is always something extraordinary in the ordinary.  I thoroughly enjoy documenting daily life.  Moments are fleeting and I find it so important to capture and freeze these moments. 

But you are probably thinking, “I can take these kinds of photos with my cell phone”. 

In turn I then ask you, “But are you blowing up and printing those photos??”

I know I don’t. 

When you have your photos taken by a photographer you are getting these images in high resolution form to be printed in what ever size you want!!  And something else special about having a photographer to take these types of photos for you… YOU GET TO BE IN THEM TOO!

These are just a few ideas to get you started 🙂 I plan to come up with more to share with you all.  I hope you will consider documenting something or someone meaningful to you.

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self-portrait storytelling photo session

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