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A Magazine Cover: COVER BOY

This past August I found out that an image of mine that I took of my boy won the Make it Minnesota Instagram photo contest sponsored by The Works Museum in Bloomington, MN!! 🙂 

As part of my win I not only received a family membership to the Museum, my image also landed the COVER of the August Discovery issue magazine!!

The Instagram contest was all about discovering curiosity through imaginative photography. In this contest, they encouraged Minnesota photographers to challenge their creative boundaries by capturing moments that celebrate learning, exemplify curiosity, and explore the depths of imagination.

My winning image!

Thank you SO MUCH Make it Minnesota and The Works Museum!!

For this photograph, I held a fern leaf over him as he had his face to the sun. As usual, he was a willing participant 😉


“Make It Minnesota is bi-quarterly magazine featuring Minnesota Creatives across our northern state. Our goal is to promote a vibrant, localized Minnesota economy.”

What they are saying about this Discovery issue: 

“Every story is a rare glimpse into the beautiful diversity of curiosity that exists right here in Minnesota! Dive in to learn more about Franconia Sculpture Park, Seed Sages, June Wunrow, WAAM Industries, Arlee Park, and Beatty Stone Farms. Also featured is a curated list of local favorites by Hayley Matthews-Jones, founder of MPLS Craft Market – this list includes 112 Eatery, Tbsp. liège waffles, Ginger Bean Clothing, Cuchara Chick, Lawless Distilling, Minnesota Children’s Museum, and the Minnehaha Mile! From there, we are also proud to feature recipes from Betsy Nelson, AKA That Food Girl and the winners of the ‘Capturing Curiosity’ Instagram Contest sponsored by The Works Museum.”

Order your very own copy of the Discover Issue! “In each issue of Make It Minnesota, we aim to be a different kind of publication, one that feels like a collective effort created by members of our own communities. A magazine that engages us and connects us with our local makers and artists. It celebrates ideas, innovation, and authenticity. We invite you to join us!”

CLICK HERE  - if you would like to subscribe to this amazing local magazine or to order a copy for yourself
if you would like to subscribe to this amazing local magazine or to order a copy for yourself


Yesterday we set out to relish in the beautiful MN fall day and read through the magazine.  Here are some images I captured of my son enjoying his 5 minutes of fame 😉

  1. Angee says:

    This is so fantastic, Shannon! Loving this series. I bet he is super proud.

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