Shoot for the Moon – A Bella Grace Magazine Publication

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

— Norman Vincent Peale

Bella Grace Magazine Publication #2!!

I am delighted to announce that I have been published in Bella Grace Magazine for a second time!! This time in their Spring 2018 Issue #15. You can find it and purchase your own HERE!!

Image by Shannon Kathleen Photography

The amazing staff over at Bella Grace Magazine caught wind that my son was a young teenager taking photographs and asked if I could put together a 400-500 word article talking about how we share this joy together. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity!! 

For the issue I wrote all about teaching my son, Camden, the art of photography and how we experience this jubilation side by side. The images along with the article really showcase him as a budding artistic photographer and how I aid in cultivating his creative soul.

To see the images he has been taking you MUST go check out his Instagram page:


As his parent I am hoping that with me following my passion as well as teaching him to unleash his creativity is providing him with the drive to shoot for the moon. We just don’t ever know what might happen if we are not aiming high. I want the best for my son and I want him to always know and think that things ARE possible.

If you are passionate about life or art or music or photography or anything creative and beautiful than THIS MAGAZINE is for you!! It’s luxurious pages and deliciously angelic images will dazzle and captivate you. Bella Grace Magazine is utterly enchanting. With this specific Issue #15 I was 35 pages into reading it and had already teared up twice because of the beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring things I had read.

What Else You Will Find Inside This Issue:

  • Learn how to make your own “happiness box” to add some light to your bad days
  • Femke Tewari lists her spring rituals
  • Our readers share their favorite ways to spread kindness
  • Shell Royster shares powerfully simple lessons from a boat trip off the coast of Ireland
  • Discover how Shannon O’Malley and her son cultivate a creative life together
  • How to meet your personal reading goals for 2018
  • Stephanie Horning shares her French living inspired tips for maximizing life’s joys


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