Bella Grace Field Guide to Everyday Magic **GIVEAWAY**


Bella Grace Field Guide to Everyday Magic **GIVEAWAY**


Sponsored by Bella Grace Magazine | Hosted by Shannon Kathleen Photography

I have yet again teamed up with Bella Grace Magazine for a giveaway!!  Keep scrolling and reading to find out how to enter and what you could win.


Back in March 2017 I was published in Bella Grace Magazine Issue 11. One of my photographs was the cover of the magazine and I had a personal feature inside.  Check more out HERE :) We did a giveaway too and the winner received a free copy of the issue!

If you would like to purchase this issue in which I was published for yourself click here and scroll down to look for Issue 11 :)

I am SUPER excited about this new GIVEAWAY!! 


This time the winner will get the new Field Guide to Everyday Magic that just launched on August 1st!! 

Here is what it is all about:  "Field Guide to Everyday Magic was inspired by its sister publication, Bella Grace Magazine.  It is filled entirely with the worksheet-style prompts, captivating photographs, and inspirational quotes that Bella Grace Magazine has come to be known for.

Women of all ages will enjoy soaking in the eye-catching images and thought-provoking prompts in this exciting new spin-off. Each page is designed to inspire and help readers shine a spotlight on the here and now — the radiant glow to be found in seemingly ordinary moments."

Features Include:

  1. 144 high-quality matte pages
  2. Sturdy cover stock
  3. Interactive workbook space designed for readers to respond directly on its pages
  4. A new compact size! Slightly shorter than Bella Grace, this special workbook is designed for you to tuck into your purse or beach bag. Take it with you for whenever inspiration strikes.
  5. Zero outside advertising
Field Guide to Everyday Magic

This is full of mindful ways to journal and embrace the everyday magic of life. It’s already moved to the top of our “bestsellers” list!!


  1. You must be a U.S. Resident to enter per Stampington & Company guidelines.
  2. Click the button below to enter!!! :)

This blog post contains Affiliated links.

The image used as a banner for this blog is an expert from the Field Guide.

Bella Grace Field Guide to Everyday Magic

The image shown above here is the cover of the new Field Guide!!


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Deep Thoughts By: Shannon Kathleen Photography

Does our purpose on Earth directly link to the people whom we end up meeting? Are our relationships and experiences actually the required dots that connect and then lead us to our ultimate destinies?
— Jennifer Elisabeth

The above quote offers some great questions to ponder ...

I believe there is some sort of link between us and the people we end up meeting, that we meet everyone for a reason.  It may be days, months, or even years until we realize why we met a certain someone or why we crossed paths with specific people, but I like to think there is a reason for it all.

Look at the image above... I mean, reallllly look at it ....

Just like in this image, we all live these parallel lives that eventually end up meeting together or crossing paths at some point, and as a result you get this amazingly connected and satisfying feeling that fades into the beauty of life.... is that where our destiny lies?  Is that when we can finally see it?  Is it not until we actually accept that our relationships and experiences here on Earth are the dots that connect and then lead us to our ultimate destinies?

People we meet make great mirrors.  If we pay close enough attention and stop to think about our interactions with others, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

For instance, I have always believed that we continue to keep encountering difficult people because it is us (ourselves) that need to learn how to react (or the response of not reacting) to their difficultness. 

I also believe that when we see something we do not like in another person it is actually something that we ourselves need to work on as well... they are a small reminder for us to continue to work on this something within ourselves. 

Acceptance and being open to seeing that others are our mirrors allows us to feel more comfortable and at ease around these "difficult people" and with ourselves :)

Although many things may still need to happen before you identify what your exact work will be, I know that every single person whom you’re meeting and every experience that you’re having is necessary to you discovering your purpose. They are points on a map leading you to the moment where a match will finally be lit and you will be able to see through the darkness.
— Jennifer Elisabeth

I believe there is a meaning in most everything that happens.  Look for the little things and search for those deeper meanings. Be awake. Remain awake. There will be a match and you will see.

Sometimes you have to let go a little bit and travel the path of least resistance but this doesn’t mean that you quit when things get tough, as you are working towards a goal! It just means that you may only be able to see a rough draft of your final destination, right now, and that it’s safe to explore along the way.
— Jennifer Elisabeth

As William Shakespeare said: "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."

That simple quote is so profound.  Many times it is very easy to get caught up in the current of life and then we forget (some don't realize) that we hold this power to finding our ultimate destiny. 

Step back to the edge of this tidal motion of life and pause.  Look around you and take notice of your actions, your words, others actions, and others words.  Stop trying to be less of who you are. Then dive back into this crazy world of ours and get after it ;)  Be the person you want to be and maybe, just maybe you'll inspire someone to do the same.

Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy. You are crazy. You have that kind of intoxicating insanity that lets other people dream outside of the lines and become who they’re destined to be.
— Jennifer Elisabeth

Feel free comment below and leave me a note! :)


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Reach For The Sky


Reach For The Sky

The Cycle Of Success  

Success works as a cycle - growth and contraction, balancing and unbalancing - all while you’re encountering hurdles that get higher and higher over time.
— Julien Smith

We can all feel that growth and contraction ... that balancing and unbalancing no matter what we do in life and/or work.  It can be challenging to remember and trust that these hurdles get us higher and higher over time. 

There’s calm in each and every day, we just need to practice reaching out for it.
— Ron Baratono

Let's have a discussion :)

Comment below or visit HERE to enter the conversation

  • What steps are you taking to achieve success (in anything in life)?  
  • What hurdles are you currently encountering (in any area of life)?  
  • Are you feeling balanced or unbalanced at this time?
  • What helps you to feel more balanced?
  • What do you reach for when needing to find calm in your day?


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Now Booking Wedding Elopements


Now Booking Wedding Elopements




It's not uncommon for weddings to take on a life of their own, morphing into something bigger, more stressful, and more expensive than you ever imagined, or particularly wanted! Not to mention the endless (well meaning) advice, expectations, and pressure from friends and family.

With a Boutique Wedding Elopement you still have all the things that make up a magnificent day without all the fuss and pressure leading up to the day! :)  No venues to scope out, no guest lists to draft, and maybe best of all, no exorbitant checks to write!

wedding elopement (3).jpg

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that tell the story of two individuals coming together to form one family.  My job is to be the narrator of that story - to preserve it for you and future generations to look back on and understand what life, love, and happiness meant to you.

elopement ceremony

I chose the word "Boutique" because I am like a small and fine atelier that gives attention to the smallest detail.  Lovely things are my favorite things and I love lovely events :)

moody bride and groom

How to have a Boutique Wedding Elopement:

  • Invite TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHT, TEN, TWELVE, FOURTEEN (give or take a few) witnesses
  • Find a priest, judge, or ask friend to officiate for you!
  • Write your own vows
  • Find the most perfect and beautiful location, park, or backyard (Ask me for my opinion!)
  • Get yourself the most fantastic dress/outfit and splurge on all the little details that make you and your day feel special --the bride in all the images shown was wearing an amazing head band purchased at Urban Outfitters - CLICK HERE to see! It's only $20!
  • Don't let money fuel the decision: The price tag shouldn't prohibit you from having a ceremony you'll love - A wedding can be done potluck-style in a grove of trees with flowers picked from friends' gardens!
  • Don't forget your something borrowed and something blue!
  • Hire a photographer (Me!): Just because tons of people (or any at all) aren't attending isn't a reason not to take photos. Spend the money to document your vows
  • Better yet, make the whole thing a surprise elopement for your guests!! Once everyone arrives you tell them they are there to witness your elopement!! How fun would THAT be??!! :)
pull back of ceremony


  1. 2-3 hours of oh so special photography time with yours truly.
  2. Location of your choice -- OUTDOORS ONLY. 
  3. Unlimited consultation and planning assistance including (but not limited to) locations, timeline, and permitting requirements.
  4. All of the final and artfully edited images delivered via a beautiful online gallery - where you can view, share, have unlimited downloads, and order prints.
  5. Print Release for personal printing rights.
  6. You will also receive a complimentary custom album from your session. I want all of my clients to take away something tangible from their session. Leave the design to me! I will design and deliver a beautiful custom album that will last for generations to come!

=$950 [Extra if location outside the Twin Cities]

I want to be your creative and passionate photographer for your intimate and heartfelt ceremony!!

Splurge on what is important in the end... all the little details and some amazing captured images of your meaningful day to have and to hold forever more :)

Below is a recent Wedding Elopement that I photographed to entice you some more ;) A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Katy and Scott who made (literally) a picture perfect bride and groom!! Their love for each other was so palpable :)  Scott and Katy gathered up their loved ones and met at the beautiful location of Irvine Park Historic District in St. Paul, MN.  I love how they planned this around them and their love for each other. It was such a beautiful and intimate ceremony!




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Make It Minnesota


Make It Minnesota

My Human Of The Wild

Make It Minnesota Magazine is a local publication created to share the stories of makers and innovators that span the great northern state. As stated in the magazine, "They are here to build a timeless collection of tales from each region across the state of MN. They aim to strengthen and promote sustainable, beautiful, altruistic, unique, and creative communities." 

This local publication teamed up with Ely Folk School for an Instagram contest all about discovering the wild around us through portrait photography! The contest was themed: Humans of the Wild – A Portrait Contest. This contest encouraged all Minnesota photographers to get creative and share interesting portraits of people in the wild, exploring the connection between humans and nature.

Ely Folk School is based out of Ely, MN. There mission is: "To build community by providing learning experiences that celebrate the wilderness heritage, art, history, culture, and craft of the people of northern Minnesota. "

I entered this contest by tagging the hashtag #MakeItMN_ElyFolkSchool on a few of my images. Within a few weeks I found out that I made it in to the top 20! {*YAY!*}

From there, the Top 10 entries would be chosen and published in the next Wild Issue of Make It Minnesota magazine, which released this past June 2017.

Last week I found out through this Instagram post by Make It Minnesota that my image was actually picked to be in the Top 10 and published in the current issue of the magazine!!

in the trees

My Human of the Wild

This image of my son, Camden, was picked among 9 other images to be featured in the May/June 2017 issue of Make it Minnesota Magazine :)

You can order your own copy HERE!!  Order a single copy of the Wild 2017 (Vol 2. No 3) for $7.95 or a 1 year subscription of the publication for $30.00 --these options are under "Order Options" :)

I ordered two copies, one for us and one for my parents :) Our copies arrived today in the mail, so naturally we went out into the Wild to look at it ;)  Enjoy!

-- FYI -- that amazing image on the cover is by my Instagram friend, Jennifer @sageeimagery

All of the Top 20 entries can be seen HERE. 

View all of the entries at the tag #MakeItMN_ElyFolkSchool on Instagram :)


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July BOGO Special!


July BOGO Special!


For the month of July Shannon Kathleen Photography is having a flash sale on their nature prints!! See below for details!!

Butterfly photography

Nature print BOGO sale!!

Buy any 8x10 or 16x20 print and get one FREE!!


Use this code at checkout: JulyBOGO

Terms & Conditions:

Special on BY ONE GET ONE FREE for any 8x10 or 16x20 print! Minimum order amount is $18.00 // Shannon Kathleen Photography owns the copyright to all of the images. You are granted personal use of images, however they may not be edited or altered in any way. You may not use the photos taken by Shannon Kathleen Photography to profit off of, or enter in any photo contests.


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A Model Beauty


A Model Beauty



3 weeks ago I received a private message on Instagram from a model beauty named Mary asking me if I was available that day for a collaborative lifestyle photo session. She just happened to be in the area visiting from Arizona.  I inquired with her how she discovered me and she stated she found me through the hashtag #stpaulphotographer on Instagram :) So, keep hash tagging people!! You just never know what opportunity may arise because of it :)

At first I didn't know what to think because now a days you never know if someone is trying to trick you!! But, I did my research on her personal Instagram profile and she seemed legit ;)

We both took a risk meeting up ... and to our delight, neither of us turned out to be a creepy man trying to catfish the other ;)

Mary wanted her session to take place in St. Paul, MN. She was looking to have images taken in a downtown setting and in a St. Paul neighborhood. I suggested Lower-town St. Paul, MN for our city shots and then the neighborhoods along Summit Avenue in St. Paul, MN

This girl was an absolute dream to work with!! We spent the golden hours of the evening walking around intertwining her beauty along with natures beauty.

Enjoy the following images!

All color images edited using SMAL Rose presets by

Black and White images edited using the "Glory" preset by or the Black 06 preset by


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The Next Chapter


The Next Chapter


Dear upcoming graduates:

As you prepare to launch into a new world of independence after high school, I want you to know that no matter your circumstances in life - where you live, the family you were born into, what happened to you as a young child that was beyond your control - NOW is the time to step forward into your own true self and begin the next chapter of life that is truly yours for the making. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." ~Henry David Thoreau

It is so easy to gloss over the transitional periods in our lives and look forward to our arrival at the next chapter. But this chapter, the one right between your childhood accomplishments and your big dreams, is one that deserves to be documented in a way that's all you.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
— Steve Jobs

My Senior sessions are created so you can settle in and get comfortable in front of the camera, while expressing yourself through different outfits and locations. My goal is always to let your personality shine through :)

Senior portraits don't have to be stressful! We can have fun! Yes, FUN! No manufactured moments.  All of my on-location sessions are spontaneous and unplanned. We'll glide through your session naturally and have a an amazing time doing it! Not sure about an outfit or a location? Let's handle this process together! I am here to help! 

The following images are of a 2017 High School Graduate, Erin :)

Erin has big dreams and a bright future ahead. She has the drive and passion to become an Environmental Engineer and make her footprint on the world. For Erin's session last month we ventured around Lowertown St. Paul. As we walked along in search of unique and inspiring areas to stop and take some images we talked ... This young woman has a heart of gold and she will make a difference in this world :) I wish her all the luck on her next chapter.

Last but not least, I would say you should have big dreams, full dreams, not half dreams. You know, it’s very simple. You can’t put a large box in a small box. Well, you cannot put a full life in a small dream box.
— Elias Zerhouni

Know a senior graduating?

Please send them my way! :)


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To Lead People, Walk Beside Them ...


To Lead People, Walk Beside Them ...


Photographing Couples

I have been asked "How do you achieve a successful couples session? How do you get them to feel comfortable and look comfortable in front of the camera?"

My answer is simple ... I walk beside them. Whether it is them leading me or me leading them ... I walk beside them. We walk beside each other and create this art together.

I believe that as I am leading a session, it is best for them to not notice my existence. I walk beside them and begin to follow their lead.

How do I do that you might ask? I am in their faces after all LOL ;)

I remain quiet for the most part. I do not want to disturb their connection. I do not want to tell them to feel a certain way or to do something that might not feel natural to them. They might be feeling silly or giggly to start... I roll with with.  They might be feeling a little nervous to start ... so I roll with it.  I walk beside them. Annnnnd sometimes we might stop at the liquor store to pick up some whiskey to get them to loosen up ;)

Standing still and staring at the camera is out.  Walking through a forest or enjoying a drink together in an intimate room while laughing at his dumb (yet adorable) jokes is in ;)

I want to document the way your hands fit together, the expression he gets when he looks at you, and the one piece of hair he's always putting back behind your ear ...  This is the real stuff that makes you, you.

"If you want to lead people, you must learn how to follow them." ~ Lao Tzu